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Real White Runtz Strain Review – White Runtz Cannabis Strain

Real White Runtz Strain Expert Review

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White Runtz is an evenly balanced ultimate strain containing 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. This makes it a powerful hybrid marijuana. White Runtz strain was created from a crossbreed of Zkittlez and Gelato strains and is infamous for its strikingly white trichomes that bear resemblance to snow.

The bugs of the cannabis strain are large and give off a tone of forest green with reddish-orange colored pistils.

White Runtz has several medical benefits including relieving anxiety and pain, and both the aromas and flavors it gives off are similar, as it is also known to produce relaxing and tingly effects.

Its taste is also as good as its aroma, a characteristic that users love. By reading this review, you’ll be learning more about White Runtz cannabis strain, its growth information, medical benefits, side effects, aroma, and its appearance. Keep reading to learn about this strain.

What Is The Real White Runtz Cannabis Strain?

White Runtz is one of the biggest cannabis strains in California. It is a delightfully frosty and fruity cannabis that has gained lots of traction among stoners and users. The strain was formed by the crossbreeding of a very potent Zkittlez and resinous Gelato. The result is both parent strains producing a unique strain that has powerful effects on both the body and mind.

real white runtz marijuana cannabis strain reviews

White Runtz cannabis strain is known for its soft, mild, and fantastic effects. It has a highly euphoric and calming high which is as a result of its terpene profile.

Due to its effects, White Runtz has become a famous strain among many smokers and even useful for patients battling medical illnesses and conditions. It’s top shelf quality is especially what keeps users coming back for more of this strain.


What Does The Real White Runtz Cannabis Strain Feel And Taste Like?

Real White Runtz cannabis strain is infamous for its soft smoke, mild, and wonderful strong effects. It has an uplifting high that is highly euphoric and calming at the same time, a characteristic that is supported by a unique cannabinoid and terpene profile.

The effects that users get from Real White Runtz cannabis strain lasts for hours, and has the ability to make the consumer’s mind float, before hitting with a full-body weight that makes the world appear to suddenly slow down. This is followed by a sativa wave of happiness, creativity, and euphoria after which the consumer begins to feel honest, deep, pleasantly tingling relaxation that can be felt throughout the whole body.

The fruity, candy aspect of Real White Runtz cannot also be overemphasized, coupled with the sugary, sour notes that it carries. Real White Runtz is also a little bit skunky, and the cannabis tastes like a weed version of candies produced with pure sugar such as Pixy Stix and Smarties, with subtle notes of berry and seductive notes of pineapple that can be tasted as well.

White Runtz: Strain Test

Real White Runtz cannabis strain is a very powerful cannabis strain with tests showing THC content as high as 29% and CBD levels of less than 1%. Although it is a very good strain for expert consumers of cannabis, it is not advisable for newbies to cannabis strains or consumers with low tolerance for THC levels. Beginners who must take the Real White Runtz cannabis strain must do so in little dosages.

Real White Runtz cannabis strain is recommended for professional consumers and people who are comfortable consuming high dosage of cannabis. The CBD levels of the Real White Runtz is very low for the THC content of the strain.

Real White Runtz’ Appearance

Although variations can occur in its appearance, the buds of the Real White Runtz are typically olive green to bright green with few phenotypes creating between purple spots and red colors.

Real White Runtz has very wide trichome coverage with plenty of window dressing such that it is really difficult to figure out their exact colors. Since the Real White Runtz is larger and denser than other usual Runtz, it tends to meet all the requirements for the modern exotic cannabis strain.

History Of The Real White Runtz Cannabis Strain

White Runtz originated from an official collaboration between the Cookies and the Runtz brands, although some have claimed that this is just one of the phenotypes out there and that Real White Runtz is a crossbreed of the traditional Runtz Strain and the White.

Real White Runtz looks like cannabis rolled up in a ton of white trichomes, which is its major known appearance.

This strain is one of the hottest strains in California but is becoming rare.

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Medical Benefits Of The Real White Runtz Cannabis Strain

Real White Runtz has strong effects on the mind and body. Some people have begun using it in the treatment of several mental conditions because of its ability to improve the mood of its consumers. It is known for body calming effects and outs the consumer in a good space which compliments its mental effects.

The ability of Real White Runtz to relax a pacing and racing mind makes it perfect for treating anxiety and ADD/ADHD.

This strain is also helpful for people who suffer from insomnia and can give them a good night’s rest if they smoke this cannabis strain around bedtime. Real

Side Effects Of The Real White Runtz Cannabis Strain

White Runtz is also good for the treatment of chronic stress and depression.

Part of the side effects of this cannabis strain includes incredible hunger after consuming the strain, dry mouth, and dry eyes.

Also, a consumer might experience dizziness so smoking this strain in a familiar environment is important. A user might also experience a headache if they are unable to sleep properly after smoking this strain.

How To Grow The Real White Runtz Cannabis Strain

There is not much growth information available about this strain and farmers are advised to have a background knowledge of growing other cannabis strains or other variants of the Runtz strain before trying the Real White Runtz.

This strain should however be grown indoors and the plants can reach over 6 feet in height. It has an indoor flowering time of about nine weeks; the strain can produce dense nugs that typically yield about 450g – 500g/M² on average when grown indoors. Harvest time is around early to mid October. Cultivation methods include mainlining, Scrog, or SOG.

In Essence

Real White Runtz cannabis strain is everything: uplifting, medical, calming, heavy-hitting, and always has the best choice.

It has a long-time lasting effect that makes the mind float before hitting with a heavy-weight that calms the body down. It gives consumers a sativa wave of creativity and happiness, making it an ideal choice.

Its medical benefits include treatment of insomnia and depression, and although it is good for expert consumers, its high THC content makes it unsuitable for newbies to cannabis.

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