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THC Syrup

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What is THC Syrup?

THC Syrup refers to the broad group of oils that contain THC in high concentrations. Consumers use these oil to create their own THC treats and products for personal or commercial consumption. For the purposes of this guide, we'll focus on the top 2 most common forms of THC Syrup, also known as Cannabis Concentrates or Hemp Concentrates:

THC Syrup for Sale

Full Spectrum CBD DistillateFull spectrum CBD Distillate contains up to 0.3% THC and includes a "full spectrum" of cannabinoids. Further distillation of Full Spectrum CBD Distillate yields Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate, in which there is more control over which cannabinoids are present. Broad spectrum does not contain THC and thus is not included in our list.

Delta 8 THC DistillateDelta 8 distillate is the raw material (THC syrup) used in delta 8 products. Consumers prefer Delta 8 THC syrup because it gives the user a different experience of a more mild high than full spectrum syrups without cognitive or motor impairment.

THC-O Acetate Distillate: THC-O is a new cannabinoid that is more potent than Delta 8, Delta 9, or Delta 10. Because THC-O is acetylated, the molecules are able to bind to your cannabinoid receptors at a higher rate resulting in more potent psychoactive effects. Some users who struggle with insomnia or sleep issues, or suffer from chronic pain, have been using THC-O to help relieve symptoms.

Delta 10 Isolate: Delta 10 THC is a newly discovered cannabinoid that users enjoy taking for daytime activities. It has a milder high than THC-O, Delta 8 THC, or Delta 9 THC and is described to provide users with an uplifting experience. As Delta 10 THC was only recently discovered, there is only a small body of scientific literature on the potentials of this new cannabinoid.

Lesser Known THC Syrups

There are lesser known, and newly discovered forms of THC syrup with a wide range of effects.

HHC Distillate: HHC Distillate, also known as Hexahydrocannabinol is a new THC syrup. There is only anecdotal evidence surrounding HHC distillate. Consumers have said HHC distillate offers a pleasant and mildly cerebral high, with some pain relief. Hemp-derived HHC distillate isn’t THC, but it offers a similar experience with less psychoactivity. HHC distillate can have THC-like effects on the body and mind, but HHC distillate is less potent, milligram-per-milligram, than delta-8 THC. Delta-8 THC is itself generally regarded as about half as potent as the standard delta-9 THC.

THCP Distillate: Tetrahydrocannabiphorol, or THCP for short is a new THC syrup offered by Fresh Bros. What makes THCP distillate different than THC is the longer alkyl side chain on the molecule which has 7 carbon atoms where THC only has 5 carbon atoms. The longer the side chain of carbon atoms, the stronger the psychoactive effects. This is why THCp distillate dose for dose, is 3300% more potent than Delta 9 THC.

THCV Distillate: THCV, also known as Tetrahydrocannabivarin is a newly discovered cannabinoid with a lot of promise, offering the ability to get high while avoiding the munchies. In fact, THCV distillate goes a step further and preliminary research shows that THCV distillate can help with appetite suppression.

THCV is one of those new minor cannabinoids that is just now gaining some attention. Some call it the “Diet THC” or “Skinny Pot", since it seems to act a bit like CBD in that it modulates and dampens some traditional effects of THC, like getting the munchies.

Don't Confuse THC Syrup with Underground Drugs

THC Syrup is a hemp derived oil containing Tetrahydrocannabinol. It is not Lean, Purp, Sizzurp, or to be confused with opiate-derived cough syrup drugs.

Why Are Consumers Just Now Hearing About THC Syrup?

THC syrup has been around for a while but was commonly referred to as a distillate. The term THC Syrup unfortunately stems from hip-hop's obsession with promethazine and codeine derived drugs, which are the most mentioned drugs in the modern hip-hop genre. And so, the cannabis industry took notice of certain hip hop artists rising in popularity, and created the name "THC syrup", with one manufacturer going as far as to include the word "lean" in the name of their product. Once again, do not be confused, as THC syrup has nothing to do with these opiate based drugs.

Is all THC Syrup Made from the Cannabis Flower or Hemp?

THC syrup does not have to be made exclusively from cannabis flower. At Fresh Bros for example, all of our THC products are made exclusively from hemp, including our THC syrups: both Delta 8, and Full Spectrum.

What can THC Syrup be Used For?

THC Syrup can be used to create a variety of THC-infused products. Your THC syrup selection will determine the experience that you have. Some common THC-infused products include:





Why Pick THC Syrup Over Other Products?

There's really 3 things you can do with THC products. You can smoke them. You can rub them all over yourself. Or you can ingest them. Most people prefer ingesting as it gives you a different experience. When you smoke, the THC enters your bloodstream almost instantaneously.

With edibles however, the THC has to go through the digestive tract first, and then be metabolized in order to produce a high. This leads to a more mild experience if dosed correctly.

What Flavors Are Available?

THC syrup does not come in flavors as it is a raw material product. If you are looking for a flavored THC product, we suggest you try our delta 8 gummies, which come in an assortment of fruity flavors. 

Are There Any Health Benefits to Ingesting THC Syrup?

Although there is research showing the benefits of THC, the team here at Fresh Bros cannot make any outright claims on the health benefits of THC. The user reviews on our website contain anecdotal evidence that our products have helped people sleep better, restore their appetite, and even relieve some pain.

Our athletes and creative types also report that the delta 8 syrup helps them "focus" and stay in the zone when it comes to work and training.

Cannabis Syrup

Fresh Bros offers a superior alternative to cannabis syrup known as hemp THC syrup. If you want to try cannabis syrup, you'll find various links on this page with our products.

Delta 8 THC Syrup

Fresh Bros is best known in the industry for being the leader in providing premium quality Delta 8 THC syrup, otherwise known as delta 8 distillate.

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