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About Us

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Fresh Bros™ is much more than a licensed CBD and Hemp product manufacturer. We embody an active community with a universal holistic health vision. We focus on developing transparent, innovative, and reliable products and services for athletes, consumers and starting businesses. Being in the hemp industry for almost a decade has armed us with the will to change the existing market that offers only very expensive yet less reliable CBD products.

We sell the freshest, healthiest, organically grown Hemp and CBD wholesale products from our USA farms and laboratories. In addition, we custom formulate ingredients and manufacture customized packaged goods for our clients. Fresh Bros™ uses cutting-edge science and best manufacturing practices to produce CBD ingredients and finished goods for global brands that are fully compliant and 3rd Party Lab-Tested. All our products can be fit to suit our clients’ specifications. All these features and more are packaged at affordable prices based on consumers’ needs. Our product innovation stems from our focus on formulas targeting performance, recovery, relaxation, and overall wellness.


“Fresh Bros CEO, Adam Rahman, and Head of Sales, Anthony Senchak, discussing Fresh Bros product offerings and educating consumers inside the hemp industry“

Too many Hemp & CBD companies choose to overlook product quality and customer service. At Fresh Bros™, we are all about taking the opposite approach. When we started the company, our foremost mission was to develop the proper supply channels to distribute Hemp & CBD products properly in an industry that was new and unfamiliar. Now we have been fortunate enough to build this mission into a sustainable licensed manufacturing business that supplies a thriving community.


“Fresh Bros Director of Human Resources, Anthony Stevenson, and CEO, Adam Rahman, discussing active wellness inside work, personal, and business environments“

We are a team of athletes, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators, product specialists, expert consultants, manufacturers, scientists and doctors completely passionate about holistic health, wealth and active wellness. Our business doesn't exist to just generate profit. We exist to build better products and services through an infrastructure that emphasizes empowerment. We focus on our clients' progression as a true business. We help our clients push forward in multiple avenues because we exist to build and add value where it's needed. Any company can provide specific products and services, our advantage is the way we empower people. We act as a true catalyst in the business world that is open for anyone to utilize. We have a unique opportunity to make a tangible difference in people's lives and are grateful every day to take advantage of the position we are in.


“During The Fresh Bros Wake Tour, CEO, Adam Rahman, promotes active wellness through wakeboarding and educates athletes on recovery routines through Fresh Bros”

Thank you for choosing Fresh Bros™ We appreciate you joining us on our mission towards establishing top quality hemp based products and services for businesses, athletes and consumers alike. Here is what you are promised when you do business with us:

    • Traceability - All of our farm to table Hemp & CBD goods are third-party tested to ensure the fresh hemp CBD is free from pesticides, solvents and heavy metals.
    • Natural Ingredients - Our gluten free, vegan friendly, fresh hemp CBD options are made from scratch using 100% organically-grown USA Hemp.
    • Ethics -We value people over profit.  Along with our commitment to providing our customers with a friendly, family atmosphere where fresh hemp & CBD Goods are easy to source, we also offer free educational services & discounts for US veterans, anyone on long-term disability, and those needing financial assistance due to temporary low-income status.