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Looking for a relaxing and euphoric afternoon, where your creativity is at its peak? Choose the snowman cannabis strain for such afternoons. The snowman cannabis stain is a phenotypic hybrid that combines the chemical properties of the indica and sativa varieties of cannabis. It possesses more sativa properties than indica, hence its euphoric and calming effect, beginning from the cerebrum.

When you’re done with this article, you’ll understand more about the Snowman cannabis strain; its taste, smell, and effects; its medical benefits, and how to grow it, among other things.

Snowman Strain Information: Genetics

The Snowman strain’s origin can be traced to as far back as the Durban Poison; however, it is known to be a phenotypic hybrid of the Girl Scout Cookie (GSC). Its producer, Bernie, is as infamous as its effect on its users, although there are sources that claim the producer is Emerald Family Farms.

Snowman is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that causes the feeling of euphoria, calmness, and focus in its users, and due to its high cannabinoid content, has some medicinal properties. With a 70% sativa-leaning, you can expect to have the effect of the snowman hit your cerebrum as soon as you take a puff.

The cannabinoid content of the snowman varies from plant to plant, but generally, they have a THC content of about 20% and CBD of about 0.05%. Despite the low CBD levels, it still has some beneficial effects, and affects the psychoactivity of the THC.

Snowman Strain Effects and Snowman Flavor Profile 

The snowman cannabis strain begins its effect on its users from the cerebrum, causing them to feel a sense of euphoria. This feeling is soon followed by some waves of introspection and creative ideas, and a feeling of calmness. The combination of these effects make it suitable for social situations – such as parties, creative events such as song-writing, painting, or drawing. It is also suitable for lone afternoons, preferably before a session of meditation.

The snowman gets its name from its physical appearance; it has light green buds that resemble spades. However, you’ll find some strands of orange on the buds, and its trichomes have snowy crystals, hence the name. It grows dense and bushy and it sticks to the touch due to its high resins.

Users of the snowman strain usually speak of its similarity in aroma to the GSC. It has some earthy aroma but also possesses some hints of diesel and vanilla. Some users have also reported detecting some hint of lime and citrus in this strain. You can expect to experience the same taste as the aroma you get from the snowman.

Medical Benefits of the Snowman Strain

Like every other cannabis strain, the snowman strain has some medical benefits for its users. With its cannabinoid content, it helps to address issues such as pain and mental disorders. However, you should expect more psychoactivity due to higher THC than CBD.

Cannabis Strains May Treat Mental Disorders

Mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and panic attacks have been reported to be significantly reduced with the use of the snowman cannabis strain. Users have reported that their anxiety levels have reduced when they use snowman cannabis as an alternative medicine.

The high THC content of the snowman strain causes the brain to reduce the level of anxiety through the influence of THC on the GABA receptors, consequently, reducing the anxiety feeling in the brain.

Depression sees improvement as the brain produces more dopamine in the presence of THC. The euphoric feeling users experience after using snowman cannabis strain is as a result of the increased dopamine levels in the brain.

The calming effect of the Snowman cannabis strain on the brain causes panic attack symptoms to reduce, returning breathing and heart rate to normal.

Cannabis Strains May Provide Stress Relief

Due to the calming effect of the indica part of the snowman cannabis strain, users have experienced some relief from stress. Due to the increased level of dopamine, cortisol levels are reduced, hence stress relief.

Also, the calmness allows for introspection and meditation, which are essential to managing stress.

Cannabis Strains May Provide Pain Relief

The presence of terpenes – beta caryophyllene, linalool, and limonene – help to treat pain, making it suitable for headaches and migraine treatment. THC has also been known to help in pain management, especially back pain, joint pain, and the likes.

Periodic use of the snowman cannabis strain, due to its high THC content, helps to treat chronic pain, with users testifying to its efficacy at managing joint pain and migraines.

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Adverse Effects of the Snowman Cannabis Strain

The snowman strain comes with some adverse effects, and they include dry mouth, dry eyes, rapid heart rate, and dizziness.

The dry eyes symptom is a common side effect among many cannabis strains, as is dry mouth. However, you can address them by keeping yourself hydrated.

Rapid heart rate and dizziness may point to more serious medical cases; therefore, if you’re using snowman cannabis strain for medical purposes, enlist the advice of a doctor, who’s knowledgeable about THC and CBD.

Growing the Snowman Cannabis Strain

With the impressive medical benefits one can derive from using the snowman cannabis strain, it’s only normal to want a constant supply of it, and you can have that by growing yours. Growing the snowman cannabis strain can be tricky, but you can do it.

Begin by deciding if you want to grow your snowman outdoors or indoors. While nature will take care of the temperature and humidity outdoors, you need to keep them fairly constant indoors. A temperature range of 69 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit is sufficient for the snowman strain; however, you should keep humidity as high as possible.

Because it grows into a bushy mass, you’ll need to constantly prune the lateral growths to encourage light penetration and air circulation. A heavy dose of nitrogen at the onset of growth is necessary. Also, add nitrogen and potassium for good bud formation and mass from the 4th or 5th week after planting.

Flowering can begin about 7 to 10 weeks after planting, and your yield depends on how well you cater to your plants’ needs.

Snowman Strain Summary

The snowman cannabis strain is a descendant of the Girl Scout Cookie, and it has a diesel-vanilla aroma. Its aroma shows in its taste but there have been some citrus and lime flavors in this strain. It helps with some medical conditions – anxiety, pain, and appetite. It also grows luxuriantly, as long as they have good growing conditions – high humidity and warm temperatures.

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