Premium Jack Strain Review – Jack Herer Cannabis Strain

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The premium jack strain is a viable cannabis strain that was established in the ‘90s by Sensi Seeds. The strain was named after long time cannabis activist, Jack Herer. The addition of premium to the name is to hype the potency of the strain.

To many fans of cannabis, the premium jack lives to the hype. The strain is viable for energy and the ability to focus. This is because the strains contain a high concentration of pinene and terpinolene. The THC level of the premium jack is around 17%-24% and the CBD is around 11%.

The implication of this is that the strain is perfect for professional users. As a newbie smoker or someone without tolerance, you should, however, take it with moderation and monitor your progress. Read on for a thorough review of the Premium Jack Cannabis Strain.

About the Premium Jack (Jack Herer) Weed Strain

The Premium Jack, also known as Jack Herer or JH is from the Sativa lineage. However, it is a hybrid strain with 55% Sativa percentage. It was produced by the combination of the excellent Jack Herer with Haze and Shiva Skunk. The strain was created by Dutch breeders in the ‘90s with the hope to create a strain that will increase cerebral elevation and resin production. It derived its name in honor of cannabis activist Jack Herer.

The strain offers users the euphoric high they seek, which in turn will encourage creativity and critical thinking. It has won many cannabis cups due to its recreational and medical advantages. In many instances, the effects of the high of the premium jack are useful for people who want to brainstorm a new idea.

Its rich background has led to the development of other Jack Herer variations, with each variation having its distinguished effects on the user. Premium Jack is also recognised by Dutch pharmacies as medical-grade cannabis.

As for the taste of the strain, it has a citrus flavor. This is partly due to the Shiva Skunk hybrid. Apart from this, the strain is perfect for day or morning smoke as it gives a lot of energy

The Appearance of the Premium Jack Weed Strain

Due to its lineage as a Sativa, the premium grows relatively tall, with relatively long buds and in green and orange color. Around the surface of each bud are white trichomes. The strain has a mixture of different citrus fruit flavors such as lemon and pine. You will get the scent of the flavor better when you inhale it. Also, you might sense a herbal flavor if you put it on your tongue.

The Medical Benefits of Premium Jack Strain

Jack premium was created for medical purposes before it became popular among smokers. Nevertheless, it has many potential medical benefits. Premium Jack can relieve any form of musculoskeletal or chronic pain due to its high THC content. Apart from this, premium jack is also an effective cure for inflammation.

For people suffering from nausea and loss of appetite, premium jack is a viable way to lessen the symptoms while it calms the stomach and increases appetite. Also, for patients recovering from chemotherapy and eating disorders, premium jack could be of help. The strain also has a lot of physical benefits. It is helpful for people that are suffering from different forms of emotional and psychological disorders. It could also help those that are depressed or suffering from PTSD, anxiety, ADHD, and other chronic stress.

If you plan to take jack premium as a way to treat any of the things highlighted above. Especially pains, loss of appetite, and nausea, it is recommended that you take it in large quantities. However, if you are taking the strain to treat psychological conditions, ensure you are moderate with it. This is because there could be an increase in anxiety or paranoia when you consume high THC content.

Adverse Effects of Consuming Jack Herer Weed Strain

Just like your guess, the premium jack strain has adverse reactions reported by many of its users after taking the strain. The most common of these adverse reactions just like other cannabis are dry mouth and dry eyes. Apart from this, Jack premium can make smokers anxious, especially those that are susceptible to THC induced paranoia.

These reactions are mostly experienced by newbie smokers or when you smoke in higher quantities. However, these uncomfortable experiences are solvable when you are properly hydrated before, during, and after you take the strain. Just drink enough water or other hydrating fluids often. Also, you should get a moisturizing eye drop with you if you plan to consume cannabis. The good news, however, is that no one has died from the overconsumption of cannabis.

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How to Grow the Premium Jack Strain

Growing the jack premium strain is relatively easy for both rookie and experienced growers. The premium jack strain is a Sativa hybrid that grows well and tall above two meters when you give it a larger space to explore. Due to this, growers are expected to prune the extending lateral branches so that the lower branches can get sunlight. Also, maintaining the strain is easy because it is relatively resistant to disease.

You can grow the strain easily indoors or outdoors. However, before you grow it outside, make sure the strain will receive enough sunlight and warm weather. On the other hand, if your preference is to grow it inside, it is recommended that you use a hydroponic setup. This will ensure that the strain grows faster and yields a plentiful harvest. You can harvest the strain from late September to mid-October.

Final Thoughts on the Jack Herer Weed Strain

As a medical or recreational smoker, the jack premium strain is good cannabis to try out. It does not only produce the desired effects that you can expect from smoking a Sativa, but it also has the medical benefits of the Indica. If you are suffering from chronic pains, nausea, loss of appetite, and other psychological conditions, you can try the premium jack as an alternative to prescribed medications.

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