Gary Payton Weed Strain Review

Gary Payton Weed Strain Review, Overview and Origin

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Gary Payton

Gary Payton Weed Strain Review, Overview and Origin

THC: 16-25%

CBD: As high as 4%

The Gary Payton cannabis strain is a unique, highly coveted hybrid marijuana strain, known for its prominent flavor and effects. As a hybrid strain, it is evenly balanced with 50% indica and 50% sativa. (Source: AllBud)

In terms of its cannabinoid content, the Gary Payton strain is high in THC, with an average of around 21%, and very low in CBD. This high THC content means that it has strong psychoactive properties, making it more suitable for experienced users or those with a high tolerance.

Additionally, the strain contains about 1% CBG, a non-intoxicating cannabinoid known for its potential therapeutic properties.

Effects-wise, the Gary Payton strain is reported to offer a blend of relaxation and euphoria, with some users noting improved focus and creativity. The side effects, like most cannabis strains, can include dry mouth and eyes, potential anxiety or paranoia, especially in higher doses.

Gary Payton Effects




Gary Payton Side Effects




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Gary Payton Flavor Profile and Aroma




It emits a nutty, musky, piney, and earthy aroma, with strong gassy aromatics that include a hint of burning rubber.

What Does The Gary Payton Strain Feel And Taste Like?

Gary Payton has three distincit flavors: pepper, apricot, and lavender. Additionally, you will catch hints of deisel and herb and so if you’re looking for something sweet, then the Gary Payton strain is not for you.

Gary Payton is Used to Help With




“Gary Payton is Used to Help With” information is sourced from user reviews and should not be used as medical advice. Seek professional help before using cannabis for a medical condition.

Gary Payton Potential Medical Benefits

The composition of terpenes such as humble, Linalool, limonene and Caryophyllene offers users mental relief. This strain, when taken in the morning, promises users a memory and energy boost which keeps them going.

The highness that comes with this strain settles consumers’ minds and makes them more creative. When you take this strain in the rough dose, you will have increased mental alertness, better focus and overall system concentration.

For those who are depressed or have suicidal thoughts, this cannabis strain calms your nerves and relieves negative thoughts making you feel positive. The Gary Payton strain can also help with ADHD and ADD because it helps people compose themselves.

If you are suffering from minor aches, pain and migraine, then this cannabis strain can help relieve you.

Strain Review: Origin of the strain

Gary Payton Strain: Origins and Information

The Gary Payton strain was developed in collaboration with the ex-Seattle Supersonics basketball player. It was created by mixing the Y Life marijuana strain and Snowman marijuana strain. The THC level of the Gary Payton strain is on the high side, varying between 16-25% when tested.

The Gary Payton marijuana strain is a balanced cannabis strain that evenly distributes Sativa and Indica content and despite the loud terpene profile, it may help you relax. The Gary Payton strain does come from the family of GSC strains so while it gives a relaxing experience, it doesn’t sedate you. It’s particularly ideal for smokers who prefer to smoke during the evening.

The Gary Payton flower has a light green color resembling mint, with sparkling trichomes, and an almost neon-orange highlight on the pistils, followed by the typical thick white coating on many marijuana strains.

To grow the Gary Payton seeds isn’t very difficult, however, you need to know how it works and the best conditions suited for it. Before growing the Gary Payton strain, you will need to look for the right seeds.

To do this, you need to scout online and choose a reliable seed vendor. You should also try buying feminized seeds to help with Fertilization. Moreover, after getting the seeds, you will need to decide if you planted them outdoors or indoors.

If you choose indoor cultivation, you will need to water regularly and expose it to enough warmth for quick germination. You should expect your seeds to sprout in 5-10 days.

Also, you will need to keep your soil (loamy or clay) moist, most of the time to make them produce mature plants. In about 4 to 15 weeks, your seeds should have matured after taking all the sun and nutrients to produce cannabinoids.

Flowering will eventually happen in 9 to 11 weeks, you will cultivate them and hang them to dry. Storage is important, but it’s best kept in dark jars or pots for better airflow. If you grow them indoors, expect 15 ounces per square meter while outdoors should produce 29 ounces of bud.

Gary Payton Strain Summary

The Gary Payton strain is named after a popular NBA star which makes it a unique cannabis strain. It isn’t as common as other strains, however, its effectiveness is not in doubt for both medical and recreational purposes. While anyone can take it, new users should start slowly due to the high THC content.


Gary Payton Strain FAQs

With its high THC content (often exceeding 20%), the Gary Payton Strain might be intense for beginners or low-tolerance users. It’s recommended to start with a small dose and adjust based on your comfort level.

The Gary Payton strain is unique due to its exclusive genetics, courtesy of a collaboration between Cookies and Powerzzz Genetics. Named after the famous NBA player, this hybrid strain is known for its balanced effects, delivering both mental stimulation and physical relaxation.

While the exact levels can vary, the Gary Payton strain is known for being high in THC (upto 25%) and very low in CBD (upto 4%).

Gary Payton Strain has a complex flavor profile that includes hints of spice, earthiness, and pine, layered with undertones of sweet cookies and sharp mint. This blend of flavors makes it a treat for the cannabis connoisseur’s palate.

If you’re looking to purchase Gary Payton seeds, you have the option to buy them at local dispensaries or make your purchase online. Notable sources for similar strains are The Growery and NuLeaf Naturals.

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