Marathon OG Strain (Marathon Kush) Review- Marathon OG Marijuana Strain

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Marathon OG Strain is an indica dominant strain that is common in California. This cannabis gives its consumer both feelings of euphoria and relaxation making it a sought-after strain.

In this article, you will learn all you need to know about the Marathon OG Strain including its benefits, side effects, growing tips, and other important information.

Do you want to know more about this strain? Let’s dive into the basics.

What Is The Marathon OG Strain?

Marathon OG Strain is a potent indica-sativa hybrid that is used to cure fatigue and depression and at the same time relax the user. Also known as
“Marathon Kush”, it was created as a gift to the late famous rapper; Nipsey Hussle.

This potent strain has high THC content, savory taste, and strong flavourful aroma that makes the consumer want for more. The high is also a good one, as it has the ability to lift the user into an euphoria and strengthen their creativity.

What Does The Marathon OG Marijuana Strain Feel And Taste Like?

The Marathon OG Strain, is an indica dominant hybrid strain that gives off a strong mixture of earthy and lemony flavors making the user feel relaxed after just one inhale. The Marathon OG Strain is one hell of a punch that makes the head of the consumer feel clearer and lighter than normal while simultaneously kicking out any form of stress or physical pain as a result of the body high.

The first feeling of the high begins in the head and starts to build a sense of euphoria which slowly lifts the spirit and provides some mental energy. Despite these uplifting euphoria though, the Marathon OG begins to heavily sedate the user knocking its consumers flat until they sleep off. Generally, the potent high of this strain has the ability to lift anyone’s mood, put your mind at rest and deeply relax your body muscles. It is therefore no surprise that this strain is loved both for its recreational and medical use.

At the first taste of this bud, the rich spicy, herbal, earthy, lemony, and savory flavor quickly fills your mouth. After a few seconds, you can feel your taste buds melt under the taste of clove, citrus, and other distinct spices. On the exhale, you can feel a strong sourness of fuel and herbs. The Marathon OG Strain has an appealing flavor profile that makes it famous and sought for.

Also, its tendency to boost creativity makes it ideal for artists who want to get their work done. This strain is sure to not disappoint.

Marathon OG Weed Strain Test

The Marathon OG Strain has a THC level of 20%. The CBD level is low and experienced smokers will be comfortable with it. For starters and adventurous novices, they might have issues.

It leaves users feeling sedated and consumers who are new to this strain may begin to experience bouts of anxiety if taken too much.

It is advisable to try other lighter strains as a beginner first before trying the Marathon OG and experienced users should also consume with caution.

Indica-Dominant Hybrid Marathon OG Cannabis Strain: Look and Appearance

Just by looking at this strain, you can almost tell its properties. Marathon OG has oversized, fluffy nugs that are colored green with dense orange hairs sparsely scattered all over the bud. It has light amber undertones and a thick coat of frosted white trichomes that gives it a beautiful contrast. It also has strong, colorful lights on each nug making it appear just as good as you feel when you take this strain.

History Of The Marathon OG Cannabis Strain

The Marathon OG Strain was originally created by The Cure Company as a means of celebrating the late rapper; Nipsey Hussle.

It is a famous strain that can be found in several dispensaries around California.

Medical Benefits Of The Marathon OG Strain

Marathon OG is often helpful especially for people who suffer from stress, depression, serious fatigue, and muscle pains. It has calming and soothing effects that relaxes the consumer a few minutes after the high. Its ability to give the user a full body melt also makes it ideal for resting. The strain of the Marathon OG is used to also relieve pain and mentally uplift its consumers, thanks to its calming properties. Because of the euphoria it creates, the Marathon OG Strain is often used by people suffering from depression and anxiety. The strain also provides relief and makes the consumer ready to take on the day. Marathon OG Strain is perfect for those suffering from any form of mental stress because it uplifts the mood of the consumer and gets rid of mood disorders.

The properties of this strain makes it a medical assisting strain for people constantly undergoing mental stress.

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Side Effects Of The Marathon OG Strain

Some consumers of the Marathon OG strain have reported feelings of dry mouth and dry, red eyes. Also, some reported anxiety although this can be considered a result of overdose.

That’s why it’s not advisable for beginners to smoke this strain until they’ve tried other lighter strains.

Even for expert smokers who experience these side effects, minimum consumption of this strain will help prevent it to certain extents.

How To Grow The Marathon OG Cannabis Strain

It is not easy to grow the Marathon OG Strain but this doesn’t also mean that it is difficult. The Marathon OG Strain can be cultivated either indoors or outdoors as long as it is cultivated under the right weather conditions. It takes about seven to eight weeks for this strain to flower and the harvesting period is usually around mid October. Although information about growing the Marathon OG Strain is scarce, its similarities to the OG Kush strain makes it easier to cultivate like that of OG Kush.

Marathon OG Strain survives well under a specific climate range, with the temperature falling between the ranges of 65°F and 80°F.

The Marathon OG Strain thrives under night time temperature better than other types of strains. When cultivated in outdoor humid areas, Marathon OG Strain can begin to rot as a result of bud mold. So, it’s important to ensure that the strain is grown in a dry area and that it is protected from moisture.

Marathon OG Weed Strain: In Conclusion

Marathon OG Strain is a potent strain that gives its consumers a mixed feeling of euphoria and calm. It’s perfect for those suffering from pain and depression.

If you’re new to Marathon OG, it’s important to take it in small amounts and even expert users should be careful with this strain.

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