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Fresh Bros Hemp Company is seeking Distribution Partners

Fresh Bros is looking for distribution partners looking to carry new, innovative, and reliable hemp products. Fresh Bros. is a multifaceted white label CBD manufacturer with new, innovative, and reliable products. Being in the hemp industry for almost a decade has armed us with the will to change the existing market that mainly offers expensive yet less reliable products that lack proper consumer education. Through years of extensive labor and research, we have created quality CBD and hemp products that never fail to deliver better pricing and overall value than other competitors can offer.

We are always looking for dedicated distribution partners to help us reach out into the world. Today we have distributors in the USA, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Chile, Uruguay, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, India and South Africa. Fresh Bros. has a range of oil soluble and nano fiber emulsified products with unique features and the longest shelf life the market has to offer. Our products are well suited for third party analysis sampling and can be readily bought in bulk.

Fresh Bros. uses cutting-edge science and best manufacturing practices to produce CBD and Hemp ingredients for global brands that are fully compliant. All our products can be fit to suit our clients’ specifications. All these features and more are packaged at affordable prices based on consumers’ needs.

Fresh Bros. is in search of committed partners that have great sales records and reliable contacts within the Hemp Industry. In return, we offer an entire platform from start to finish to globally distribute and educate your consumer public on the benefits of Hemp!