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Coochie Runtz Strain Review - Coochie Runtz Cannabis Strain

Coochie Runtz Strain Review - Coochie Runtz Cannabis Strain

Jun 21st 2022

Coochie Runtz Strain Review - Coochie Runtz Cannabis Strain

The coochie runtz strain is a mysterious weed which hits the brain seconds after use. This is cannabis which is a hybrid of the Indica-Sativa strain. It is mixed with an unknown cookie by its developers.

This weed is unique due to its ability to get cannabis consumers wasted and in a state of ecstasy. The coochie strain's high THC content makes it an ideal choice for expert cannabis smokers. You can smoke it in various ways or drop-in in your meals.

It comes with many benefits which include reducing pain, boosting memory and enhancing cognitive abilities.New users who are interested in trying something new like the coochie bar should start in small doses.

Here is a detailed review of the coochie runtz cannabis strain.

What is the Coochie Runtz Strain?

The coochie runtz strain is a 50-50 Sativa-Indica weed strain which gives users more energy and offers a euphoric feeling. This weed strain of unknown origin is fast gaining momentum among cannabis consumers in the world. It's best used in the morning before going to work and late in the evening before sleeping.

People engaged in driving and factory jobs are advised to not use it when active, to avoid loss of concentration. This cannabis can be used by anyone, however, it must be consumed with caution to limit its side effects.

What does the Coochie Runtz Strain Feel and Taste Like?

The coochie runtz strain has a Fruity flavor with some citrus scent of citrus. The smell of earth and diesel is evident to those who are close to it. The aroma of the weed is a mixture of pine, mixed with spice.

You should be able to smell sweet smoke as you inhale slowly. The smell from the leaves will be able to relax your sinuses and lungs. The heavy pungent from this cannabis remains long after consumption.

The Coochie Runtz Strain Test

The coochie test shows a THC level which hovers between 29-33%. This means professional weed smokers will love it, however, adventurous novices should be wary of large doses. The CBD status of the coochie strain is between 0.7-0.9§% which is perfect for recreational users.

What does the Coochie Runtz Strain Look Like?

The cucci runtz strain bud comes in dark purple color which is visible throughout the leaves. There are also noticeable green hairs mixed with a thick creamy layer of trichomes. The coochie runtz strain also has some pigment on the plant pores which shows brightly.

Several shades of green, blue and purple add to its dull appearance. While the leaves are average, they are dense amongst several pops. The red pistils on the coochie runtz leaves make it appeal to many weed consumers.

History of the Coochie Strain

The coochie strain bar lineage is unknown since it is a mixture of many histories. You can find many variants around in local stores at good rates.

Medical Benefits of the Coochie Runtz Strain

The coochie runtz strain comes with many benefits which many cannabis users can enjoy.

Coochie runtz strain is effective against anxiety and lack of concentration. The weed has shown great effects on those who feel stressed and want to relax. Also, those who are having difficulty concentrating on their work can find this weed beneficial.

Sleep remains an important thing for everyone. Doctors have advised everyone to have at least 6 hours of sleep every day. However, some individuals have difficulty sleeping due to health conditions. The coochie runtz strain when taken in the evening can allow you to sleep comfortably and soundly.

Those suffering from a lack of appetite can also benefit from this weed. There are several health conditions like malaria and typhoid that can cause you not to eat. However, after several drags, hunger pangs will make you start eating.

Moreover, those who are suffering from one pain or the other can make use of the coochie cannabis because of its fast relief. Also, if you are suffering from secure acne and inflammation, taking this weed has proven to remove such problems.

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Side Effects

Although the coochie runtz strain is made from natural ingredients, it comes with some slight side effects depending on usage. Many cannabis consumers have complained that it causes dry eyes, skin irritation, slurred speech and dry mouth. In serious cases, users could suffer panic attacks, paranoia, and seizures.

These can be mitigated when you eat before taking them and also when you take in small drags. Moreover, avoid consuming this strain when you have serious work. Users are advised to always have a bottle of water close by.

How Do You Grow the Coochie Runtz Strain?

Growing the coochie runtz bar can be a bit complicated. This stems from the fact that getting the seeds isn't easy, but once you can buy the feminized seeds, you are almost there.

You need to decide if you want to grow them inside or outdoors. This depends on where you are residing and what the weather conditions are. When you have decided how you want this cannabis weed-grown you will need to get a good place for it.

This cannabis plant spreads out a lot so you will have to space them when planting them to allow them to grow properly. The ideal temperature for this cannabis plan is around 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit. You also need to get female coochie serfs from a fertile plant.

Flowering time for the coochie runtz strain is 55-79 days and you should expect to harvest them in 80 days when grown indoors. This coochie runtz serf should yield good yield when grown indoors at about 10-14 ounces. Don't forget that this should be watered regularly and exposed to maximum sunlight.

When talking about the soil, it seems the best soil that the coochie runtz thrives on are the sandy and loamy soils. Although they are resistant to common pests and diseases, you should ensure proper care.

Final Thoughts

The coochie runtz strain is a perfect cannabis strain which is a good product for weed smokers who know what they want. It smells nice and the THC level is perfect for experienced users.

However, if you are new to smoking weed, you can enjoy some of the benefits it offers

Be wary though of taking large doses because you could experience side effects. It can be grown indoors and outdoors, however proper care is needed for a good yield.