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Indica-Dominant Hybrid

THC: 20-30%

CBD: 1%

Dosido (also known as Dosidos, Dosi Doe, Do-Si-Dos and Dosi) is a relaxing indica dominant strain. It is made by crossing many popular cannabis Indica strains and it’s an ideal product for cannabis consumers who need a strain that hits straight and has an immediate effect.

Dosido Effects




Dosido Side Effects


Dry Eyes


Keep reading below to learn more about the Dosidos Weed Strain or to explore new strains.

Dosido Flavor Profile and Aroma


Sweet Berry


Avoid any activity when you take in this strain because you will have a couch look. Dosido has a rich flavor and sweet berries, spices and reminds one of OG strains.

With a taste like a pineapple, it provides a euphoric bliss feeling.

What Does The Dosido Strain Feel And Taste Like?

Because this strain has a  THC content of about 30%, the strain hits hard. When you puff a few times, you will feel a calm and cerebral high feeling which will remove all anxiety and pain.

Expect it to put you into a solemn mood, and deep thought. You need to find a place to sit and drift away into a peaceful state. When you have reached the end of highness, you will be pretty relaxed and heavily sedated.

Potential Side Effects

Because the powerful effects of this indicate Sativa strain, it isn’t unusual for new users to feel some negative effects after taking huge doses.

This strain can cause paranoia or panic when consumed by people with low THC tolerance. Moreover, it has also been known to cause Cottonmouth (Dry mouth) and some moist eyes which aren’t specific to this strain.

Also, some people might feel slow or dull after taking this dosido, that’s why it is best taken at night or after work. Avoid taking the strain when undergoing activities like teaching factory jobs or any hard work. It could lead to accidents.

If you have been diagnosed with pain attacks, it is best to avoid this strain because it could aggravate the pain.

dosidos: indica dominant hybrid cannabis strain


Dosido is Used to Help With




“The Dosido is Used to Help With” information is sourced from user reviews and should not be used as medical advice. Seek professional help before using cannabis for a medical condition.

New cannabis users should be careful when using this strain because it’s preferable for top users. While it’s ideal for every user, people new to cannabis Indica should take moderate dosages.

Dosido Potential Medical Benefits

This strain has very hard-hitting effects which make them a perfect product for people suffering from insomnia, stress, depression, back pain and nausea.

Dosido is known to exhibit health benefits that are similar to other cannabis strains, however, it has to be consumed in average dose to have a good effect.

If you have challenges sleeping properly, consuming this strain might be beneficial.

Dosido Strain: Origins and Information

This strain became popular since it was developed by breeder Archive serf Bank in 2016. It has gained a reputation in Portland before many people along with Colorado and coastal areas picked it up.

This is a potent Indica strain that is produced by mixing several strains like Girl Scout Cookies and what is called Faceoff OG. The Dosido strain offers a euphoria feeling which is ideal for introspection and relaxing activities.

The strong potent level of the Dosido makes it a target for experienced cannabis users. Anyone can use this strain, but they should avoid overdose.

This strain plant is usually small in size and form and looks like popcorn clusters.

The flowers look similar to other cannabis variants. Its small leaves are curled tight towards the stem.

The flowers are small, the colors are magnetic. The leaves look like a dark shade of the green forest and have many amounts of light orange pistils.

This leaf has hints of purple, which are seen when pigments on the genetics of this strain are popularly called anthocyanins.

Finally, you will find thick and icy white trichomes which cover the buds and account for the plant’s psychoactive features.

People who want to grow this plant themselves can get the seeds at reputable online stores. It is easy to grow outdoors and indoors.

Usually, it grows in any fertile soil, however many soil experts have recommended loamy and clay soils. Asides from this adequate watering is important to bring out the best in this plant

It can grow up to 120 cm in height if you plant them indoors. The flowering period isn’t much but it grows quickly. If you choose to grow them outdoors, their height is about 2.3 meters and it needs a good climate to blossom.

A semi-humid climate around a daylight temperature between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. For experts, Dosido growers leave this plant in cool temperatures shortly before flowering.

If grown at a very cold temperature, the anthocyanin produces purple leaves. This strain comes with a pungent smell which can be smelt when grown inside the house.

Growers who choose to grow them inside will need to buy Odor removal measures like exhaust fans and air filters.

Dosido Strain Summary

The Dosido strain offers consumers a euphoric feeling which allows them to be calmer and sullen. There are many benefits of this strain which includes pain relief and easing depression.

People who are new to cannabis consumption might have to avoid it altogether because of the high THC levels, but for those who want to puff it in small amounts, it can do some good. People with health challenges might consume it in moderate dosages.

It is a cannabis strain that will appeal to Indica and Sativa users. As a Dosido consumer, you should expect to be stoned within minutes and have that heavenly feeling instantly.


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