Six Ways to Freshen up Your Life

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A Fresh Bros guide to holistic wellness in the Covid-19 world

Let’s be real. This “new normal” we’ve been collectively experiencing well…sucks. Hugs have turned into a nervous exchange of glances questioning our proximity to other humans and an almost hyper-awareness of our personal spaces. Stay at home orders and social distancing have drastically changed the way we go about our lives. People have more sovereignty now more than ever to create the lifestyles they want for themselves. Starting with some simple, health-centric habits can be a great way to add some freshness to your life!

Holistic wellness refers to the philosophy of health characterized by the treatment of the whole person. This health perspective
provides a more balanced approach by factoring in social and mental influences rather than merely listing the symptoms of any ailment. Freshness can be described as the quality of being pleasantly new or different. This can be expressed as a certain energy or vigor one possesses. Here at Fresh Bros, we’ve compiled a short list of simple ways to help you keep it fresh!

Proper Hydration: The number one way to keep your life fresh is by staying hydrated. Your body is made of up to 60% water and needs to replenish those fluids to keep the body functioning properly. Similar to how a car runs on gas, humans run on water. Your body is dehydrated when you wake up so drinking a cup or two in the morning kickstart your metabolism and aids in digestion. Water should be the first and last drink you consume each day.

Get outside: I once saw a meme that said, “People are basically houseplants with more complex emotions”. This meme was
making a point about how important it is for humans to receive ample amounts of oxygen and sunlight in order to function properly. Not only does this feel great, but it gives our immune system a well-needed boost.

Eat Fresh: Fueling your body with the proper foods keeps you moving and grooving throughout your day. Fruits are amazing sources of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients we need to keep our body running efficiently. Gut health is often overlooked. The foods we put into our body have more of an impact than we have truly yet to understand. So next time you get a craving for something crunchy, reach for a carrot or an apple instead. You’ll get that same sense of satisfaction from the crunch without
having to eat empty calories!

Move your body: Working from home and gym closures can make it difficult to keep your body moving. Hunching over your
laptop for hours or sinking into the couch can definitely bring you down. Exercise is not just good for your body, but great for your mind too! Working out can help improve brain function and sharpen your memory by creating new brain cells. Try our relaxing salve to help ease any sore muscles too! Formulated with our organic CBD and a heavenly blend of essential oils.

Happy Hands: Your hands can never be too clean in the times of Covid-19. Now, clean hands are more important than ever.
Stash one of Fresh Bro’s CBD Hand Sanitizer Sprays in any concealed location for on-the-go sanitization. Specially formulated with hospital-grade ethanol, this sanitizer kills 99% of germs and bacteria. A wonderful blend of aloe vera and our organically-grown CBD helps lock in moisture to keep your hands soft and hydrated too!

Refresh: Taking three belly-deep breaths (breathing in for six counts through your nose and out for six counts through
your mouth) periodically throughout the day helps reset the parasympathetic system, sending a signal to your brain that it can turn off and does not need to think. This helps ease that pesky fight-or-flight response that rears up during times of stress. According to the Heartmath Institute, relaxing tongue muscles so it rests on the floor of your mouth, can help fool your brain into thinking you’re getting ready for bed. Taking just a few minutes throughout the day to check in with yourself helps keep your mind in the right headspace to go about your day. Need a boost? Fresh Bro’s new Delta-8 products have been formulated to get you into an elevated state of mind, without any of the anxiousness that may come with the use of Delta-9 THC products. Experience a Happy High with D8LTA gummies and disposable Vape Pens.

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