What is HHC?

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With the growing rate of hemp legality, there has been an increase in hemp and marijuana production. At the same time different cannabinoids with the same benefits like those associated with THC Have been produced. One of such recent cannabinoids is HHC.

Perhaps you reside in one of the many states where these cannabinoids are legally consumed and you are thinking of trying out HHC but you need some more clarifications on what it is you are about to take.

HHC means hexahydrocannabinol. It is extracted from THC through a hydrogenation process. This means there is a hydrogen in place of the double bond in the formulation. Although it is believed that HHC has the same effect with THC, more research is needed to fully ascertain its effects.

This article explains what is HHC and how it compares to delta 8, what it does, as well as where to buy it. This article also discusses the benefits associated with the substance as well as the side effects.

What is HHC vs. Delta 8

HHC is the hydrogenated version of THC. Although it occurs in trace amounts in cannabis sativa plants, large quantities of it can be obtained through hydrogenation of xtracts like THC. Delta 8 occurs in small quantities in cannabis sativa plants like marijuana and hemp.

One area of possible similarity between HHC and delta 8 is the high effect they give. People who take HHC have reported feeling a kind of high that is similar to what delta 8 gives.

One area of difference between HHC and delta 8 is in their potency. Different types of THC have different potency levels depending on the amount of carbons in them. Substances with higher carbon are usually more potent than those with lower numbers of carbons. HHC hydrogenated from THC retains about 70 to 80% of the potency of THC. This makes it potent to an appreciable degree and is even more potent compared to delta 8 and delta 9.

What is HHC-O?

HHC-O is the cannabinoid derived from hemp through the process of hydrogenation. Compared to delta 8, hhc-o binds to cannabinoid receptors differently. However, it has a digestion process that is similar to that of delta 9 in the body.

People who manufacture the substance claim that it is up to three times higher than HHC. it can be 1.5 times higher depending on the concentration. It is also claimed to be more potent than delta 9 and delta 10. Perhaps it is because of the unique properties it has that makes it digest easily and absorbed in the body faster and more effectively.

Of the many cannabinoids that have flooded the market recently, HCC-O is one of the most recent products. As a result, there is not much research on its long term effect on the body. However, people who have consumed it report strong booze in their heads and body as well as a relaxed feeling. HCC-O is considered superior to delta 9 because it performs the same function and is legally accepted in more states

What does HHC do?

Although HHC has become popular in the market, little is known about its functions. Most benefits and effects of this cannabinol have been speculative so far. Some benefits associated with it include:

High feeling

The little research done on this substance so far proves that it performs functions that are similar to THC. THC is known to trigger the release of dopamine in large amounts. This is what leads to the “high” associated with it. HHC also gives a high feeling that has made some users of THC draw the similarity between both.

Reduction of nauseous feelings

Another function of THC is the reduction of nauseous feelings. Some medical authorities have recommended the substance to people who lack appetite and feel nauseous. This function has also been associated with HHC.

Increase activity

People who have used this substance have reported recording increased activity rate. This may be as a result of the high they get from the product.

Increase in mood

Some people who use HHC have reported feeling an increase in their mood. This can be a motivating factor for some people to use this substance if they need to get out of, perhaps, a low mood.

Therapeutic benefits

Studies have shown that HHC has potential influence on chronic pain and joint pains. However, there is need for further studies to ascertain the therapeutic benefits of this cannabinoid.

HHC has been considered helpful in reducing inflammation in any part of the body. This has been a well-known property of cannabinoids. It is also helpful for reducing swelling.

Are there side effects to HHC?

Again, some side effects of THC have been associated with HHC as well. Side effects differ among people as people react to the same substance differently. Some of the side effects are:


Anxiety has been reported to be one of the side effects of taking some cannabinol products. and this has also been associated with HHC. Some people who use this substance may feel anxious for some time, especially at the time when the cannabinol is very active.


Some people have reported feeling dizzy after taking some cannabinol products like THC and this has also been associated with HHC.

Dry mouth

Some users of THC have reported feeling dry mouthed after administering the substance. This effect has also been associated with HHC because it has side effects like those found with THC.

Increased appetite

THC has been known to affect the pro-opiomelanocortin neurons in the brain which regulate appetite. This makes people who take the substance feel hungry. This effect has also been associated with HHC.


Insomnia is reportedly one of the side effects of THC. This is also speculated to be associated with HHC.

Other side effects are red eyes, rapid heart rate, and paranoia

Where to buy HHC

There are different places where one can buy HHC. These shops have been authorized to legally sell the product. In states where the consumption of cannabinol products is legal, it is easy to get sellers who will sell both wholesale and retail.

There are many online marketplaces and shops to buy HHC. The internet has made many businesses more visible. You can be in the comfort of your home and order HHC from an online store and have them delivered to you. One of such is Freshbros.

D8LTA Distillate - Hexahydrocannabinol - Unflavored

Freshbros is an online leading distributor of HHC distillate. Although there are many suppliers of HHC distillate, freshbros stands out for some reasons, including:

Secure payment

There are many online scammers who will harness every opportunity to rid people of their money. With many businesses establishing their presence online to improve their visibility, there are also scammers who are waiting at every point to dupe people.

This is why it is advisable to be wary about unverifiable payment options. Freshbros has been in the business for so many years and is reputable for smooth and secure payments that always leave customers satisfied,

On time delivery

It is one thing to shop online, it is another to have your items delivered to you on time. Freshbros ensures every order is attended to speedily and customers are satisfied.

Wholesale, retails, and more

Freshbros sells these products at retail as well as wholesale. This means there are discounts you can take advantage of.

Products available in different formats

Freshbros sells these distillate products in different formats. Some people prefer to take their HHC as vapes, oil gummies or otherwise. Freshbros is a reputable seller of these products. You can get these HHC distillates from FreshBros. For instance, this Distillate costs $29.99.

How does HHC make you feel?

People who consume HHC have reported having different kinds of feelings. These feelings may not occur along with some side effects as well.


Users of HHC have reported feeling high after consuming the substance. However, people have reported different extent of the high. For some it can last for a long time while for others it can last for just a short time. Of course, all of these depend on influencing factors.

Relaxing feeling

Some users have also reported feeling relaxed after taking HHC. This relaxed feeling makes them feel calm.

How long does HHC high last?

The high associated with HHC can last for a wide range of time, say between two to six hours, depending on the user. This is because people have different factors influencing the reaction they get from the substance. Some of these factors are:

The quantity of HHC consumed

The quantity of the cannabinoids you consume will determine how long it will last in your system. People who consume it in high quantities will have more effect from it too because there will be a high concentration of the substance interacting with their receptors.

Individual body tolerance to HHC

Different people have different levels of tolerance for substances. While some people will take a high dose of HHC before it kicks in and they start feeling the effect, some people would have been under the effects of it with just a small dose.

Another aspect of individuality is in the area of metabolism. Some people’s metabolism rate is high while that of some people is slow. People have associated age and physical exercise to the rate of metabolism. Younger people are believed to have a higher metabolism rate than older people. Also, people who engage in physical exercise will have higher metabolism rate increases.

The frequency of consumption

The rate at which one consumes HHC will determine how long it will last in the person’s system. People who consume it often will most likely have it almost constantly in their system because there is no long interval of time in between each consumption. As a result, the substance is likely to have lingering presence in their systems.

What is HHC flower?

HHC flower is a CBD flower that has been sprayed with HHC isolate. This means there are no flowers that are naturally having HHC distillate. Instead, these flowers are coated with hexahydrocannabinol.

HHC flower is different from THC flower. The latter has a high amount of delta 9 THC because it is obtained from the marijuana plant. While THC flower grows naturally, HHC flower is CBD flower that has been coated with the THC distillate. However, both flowers taste, smell, and look alike.

How to pass HHC drug test

There are a lot of speculations when it comes to HHC and how it shows up in drug tests. Although some people say HHC will not be discovered in a test, some people have reported testing positive for THC when they consumed HHC.

If you do have a drug test coming up, It is advisable to stay off the substance for up to 3 weeks before your test date. However, if you consume HHC in large quantities or frequently, it is most advisable to stay away from taking it for more than three weeks before your test date.

Although it is speculated that cannabis detox kits work great for ridding the body of the substance, it has not been confirmed how effective they are. Some people have also considered some home made methods like consuming fiber-rich foods, drinking a mixture of lemon juice and water, and taking cranberry juice. Again, the efficiency of these homemade methods have not been substantially confirmed.

In Conclusion

HHC is one of the new distillates that have emerged in the market. It is hydrogenated from THC and retains between 70 to 80 percent of its potency. People have reported feeling high and relaxed after taking this substance.

How long the substance lasts in the body depends on a number of factors, including the quantity consumed, the frequency of consumption, and individual body tolerance and metabolism rate. This cannabinoid can be consumed in different formats and is available for purchase both online and offline. Freshbros is one of the trusted suppliers of the HHC distillate.

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