The Top 7 Ways CBD Brokers Ruin Deals and Hurt Businesses

The Top 7 Ways CBD Brokers Ruin Deals and Hurt Businesses

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It is a subject that the hemp industry doesn’t address very often, but working with CBD brokers can ruin deals and hurt your business. Perhaps you’re tempted to employ somebody who you met recently to help you unload after harvest or extraction. It may even be someone you met on LinkedIn or Facebook. Take caution! Working with the wrong people to sell your products could be the nail in the coffin for your company. Let us take a peek at the top 7 ways CBD brokers ruin deals and hurt businesses.

1) CBD Brokers Ruin Deals and Hurt Businesses Because They Do Not Get the Vital People On Board

Among the core functions of a business agent is understanding when and how to disclose details regarding the sale to the people who will be a part of the transition. Brokers are motivated entirely by their own self-interests. They want to be solely responsible for making the sales and they are willing to compromise your business to make sure that happens. In doing so, they can cause giant, costly errors in communication and actually decrease your potential reach. If you work with a knowledgeable business development firm, on the other hand, they’ll let you know exactly what to convey to your executives, employees, the public and the media once the time is right. As a consequence, the right people will be in the right places from the start. Without the right people working together, sales start to slide through your fingers.

2) They are Arrogant and They Don’t Respect Privacy

In general, CBD Brokers are arrogant and unaware of exactly how bad things can go without clear confidentiality arrangements. They are known to be overly trusting and overly confident with individuals who seem to be interested in the corporation they represent. As a result, they may divulge sensitive information to companies with competitive interests. A seasoned seller understands that confidence can only earn you so much in business. They’ll keep the appropriate systems in place to safeguard your organization. As seasoned sellers, we vet buyers’ financials and protect their confidentiality while keeping them fully engaged in the purchase. Though these procedures might appear awkward and unnecessary to an inexperienced eye, we understand how precious they are.

3) CBD Brokers Ruin Deals and Hurt Businesses Because They Cut Corners in Attempt to Get Rich Quick

When you are negotiating the selling of your CBD products, it is important that each piece of data you present is accurate and complete. If you are working with a broker, then it is much more likely that you leave out significant documents or figures. Since we prepare hundreds of accounts for companies every year, we are in a position to spot discrepancies more easily than a broker joker who’s trying to get rich on one sale.

4) They Waste Your Time

CBD Brokers will waste the most valuable thing you have, your time. They like to talk massive amounts of game, repeating the same thing over and over only to deliver very little in the way of results. Talk is cheap. What you need in business is smart decision making, not just talk. As a vertically integrated CBD company, we navigate a lot of deals and understand how to steer clear of the flakes. We never underestimate what it takes to sell and we will be able to help you get there. When it comes to promoting your company, your whole livelihood is on the table. If the deal goes south due to a preventable error, it may have a lasting effect on your savings and retirement.

5) They Make You Give Up Control of Your Profit Margins

Brokers exist to make money. They don’t care about the longevity of your brand or your customers. They only care about the leverage you create for them in terms of short term dollar signs. In doing so, brokers want to make you give up one of the most important parts of your business, your profits. Small businesses need to make at least 30% profits to stay healthy. Brokers would like to take as much of that as they can. Why not just do the sales work yourself or hire a team of professionals to make sales for you?

6) They Don’t Have Control Over Their Part of the Supply Chain and It’s Dangerous

Most CBD brokers don’t even know what they are selling, who they are selling to, or who they are selling for and this creates huge problems for everyone. You might even find yourself blamed for mistakes that you aren’t responsible for causing. Consider an unlicensed broker who is buying and selling large amounts of raw materials. Unless they are using rigid systems to track everything that goes in and out, they can cause enormous errors in the supply chain which lead to contaminations. You better believe the brokers will be ready to drag your name through the mud for any mistake that happens on their end. It is despicable, but it is the unfortunate truth of the industry we work in today.

7) They Try to Poach Clients by Tarnishing Your Reputation

CBD brokers don’t have loyalty for anyone. They make a living having little to no skin in the game. When problems arise or they make mistakes, they will have no reason not to duck, dodge, blame you and then try to poach the clients you’ve been working with by tarnishing your reputation. That is why you should never give a broker access to your lead lists or databases.

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