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Tropical Runtz Strain Review – Tropical Runts Weed Strain

Tropical Runtz Weed Strain Complete Review

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The tropical runtz strain is a notable choice for many cannabis users. Even though many types of runtz exist, the tropical runtz is unique in its flavors and benefits. Renowned for delivering calming and medicinal benefits, the tropical runtz is all you need to uplift your mood and have a pleasant experience.

It isn’t enough that one consumes this product alone. You must have some understanding of the product. You need to know what it is, its purposes, the medicinal benefits, and even the side benefits.

If you do not have answers to these presuppositions, then you have arrived at the right destination. Here, you will learn about what the tropical runtz strain means and other vital details.

What is the Tropical Runtz Cannabis Strain?

Before you understand the tropical runtz, you need to know about the Runtz family in general. Generally stated, Runtz is a hybrid strain obtained from crossing the Zkittlez and Gelato.

The combination of these parent strains releases a candy-like flavor upon tasting. Since runtz itself is a popular choice, it comes in various strains. Examples include the Rainbow RuntzRuntz Muffin, and more. However, our feature focus is the Tropical Runtz.

The Tropical Runtz is created by Exotic Genetix. What makes this runtz unique is the tropical flavor you get from it. Although another runtz gives a usual fruity flavor, that of tropical runtz is quite different. Upon tasting, one gets a release of tropical flavors such as orange, mango, lemon, and more. It contains THC content of 15.4%-19%. Its CBD level is 1%.

The tropical rubtz also contains some essential elements including linalool, limonene, and nerolidol terpenes which are effective for relaxation and other benefits. The runtz strain has won various accolades such as the 3re place winner in a 2021 Best Sativa Flower event, and High Times Medical Cup Illinois People’s Choice Award.
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Tropical Runtz Weed Flavor

The Tropical Runtz Strain offers a fruity flavor in the form of various tropical fruits such as oranges, mangoes, and lemon citrus. It contains three major terpenes – caryophyllene, linalool, and limonene – to make the flavor distinct. Thanks to these, the taste derived from the strain is a candy-like sweetness laced with a woody undertone. The fruitiness obtained from the strain is delicious and the earthiness satisfies users with more bogus cravings.

Tropical Runtz: Aroma

The aroma obtained from the strain is also fruity. Upon inhaling the strain, you get a fruity smell mostly consisting of berry sweet and mangoes. In addition to the fruity aroma, you can also have an earthy smell as an undertone. The earthy smell is connected to the presence of the lavender buds and linalool which exists in the seed.


The Tropical Runtz Strain is a cross offspring of the Tropic Truffle and Runtz. Due to this parental heritage, its plants have a towering height and broad leaves. It can grow as tall as 6 feet in height. Aside from this, it also features lavender-colored buds that help to unleash the fruity taste of various users.

Tropical Runtz Strain Growing Info

The tropical strain is a cross breed that is often available as seeds and clones. It grows well in both indoor and outdoor conditions. During the growing phase, it is essential to supply the strain with all necessary elements – sunlight, water, and nutrients (nitrogen) to provide more yields during harvesting time.

The strain grows upward and doesn’t spread out its branches. For those who want to manage the growing pattern of the strain, you can make use of the Sea of Green (SOG) style to sustain lateral growth. Once planted, its average flowering time is between 63 to 70 days indoors and extends to mid-October when outdoors. If you want to get enough yields during the growing phase, you may need to give the strain more nitrogen.

THC Content

Unlike other strains, the tropical runtz strain contains a moderate amount of THC. On the low end, the THC content can be as low as 15%. Meanwhile, the THC content on the higher side amounts to 19%. If you want to be certain of the amount of THC in a purchased bottle, you may need to check the bottle’s label.

CBD Content

The Tropical Runtz Strain has a low CBD content. It is so low that the CBD content is at most 1%.

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Medical Benefits of Tropical Runtz Strain

The Tropical Runtz Strain offers various benefits to its users. Some of them include:


When strains are being mentioned in terms of relaxation, the tropical runtz strain isn’t left out. Thanks to linalool, a floral terpene, you can have a relaxation mood enhancement that will put your mind at ease and make you forget your worries during that moment.

Anxiety or Paranoia

The tropical runtz strains help to ease one’s anxiety and paranoia. The limonene in the runtz reacts together with the THC to combat anxiety or paranoias. Hence, the user may feel less worried and paranoid when using the strain.


The tropical runtz strain helps in the creation of a tingling feeling that eventually helps in unwinding the mind. Such feeling tends to make the user euphoric by creating a sedating-high effect through the presence of nerolidol in the strain. Even though it isn’t the best option for getting high, it still helps in unwinding your mind and sensitizing it.

Side Effects of Tropical Runtz Strain

The wrong usage of the tropical runtz strain often leads to some possible side effects. Some of these side effects include panic attacks, dry mouth, dizziness, and giggling. The best way to avert these side effects is to stay hydrated. Also, if you are new to using the strain, you may want to consider starting with small doses of the strain. Overdosing yourself when you are not yet used to the experience can cause lots of effects on your body

In Conclusion

The tropical runtz strain remains a notable choice due to its tropic fruity flavors and other benefits. Try it out today to have an amazing experience.

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