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THCP Distillate Review

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THCP distillate is one of the latest cannabinoids products in the marijuana industry. This newly developed cannabinoid has some interesting psychoactive effects like THC but it’s more potent.

There have been more brands producing oils, tinctures and other cannabis THC products because of the increase in demand. This product has some excellent medical and recreational benefits which users will enjoy, however, when used wrongly it could have some adverse results.

We will do an in-depth review on the THCP distillates, some product(s) you can get from it, the numerous benefits, some negative results and how legal it is.

What is THCP Distillate?

THCP means tetrahydrocannabinol distillate, it was found around 2019, so there is little or no research about it and its effects. The Potency is quite different from THC and about 33% higher. The THCP ingredients can be gotten naturally in marijuana plants albeit in low concentrations.

THCP is a blend of natural cannabis and hemp plants. When you use THCP distillate products from top brands, it is made by trained chemists in laboratories. Much of its development is kept secret, however THCP is made from different natural ingredients and has 33 times the Potency of THC.

You can extract and isolate these concentrates from hemp using chromatography methods. The THCP cannabinoid seems to bind receptors more than the delta 9 THC. When you activate the CB1 endocannabinoid receptors is what makes users have psychoactive effects.Pure THCP makes it extremely potent which consumers can relate to.

The THCP distillate lasts longer depending on how it is consumed and the body system of each individual. Those who vaporize it should expect it to last like 6 hours whole. Those who consume it as edibles should expect its effects to last for days.

The duration varies depending on the medium you use to consume it. If it is a vaporizer, you will feel it instantly, however if consumed as an edible it can take an hour or so, for its effect to be felt. This is also subjected to the individual’s body system.


THCP is a recent discovery and was developed around 2019. To know how safe it is is to check lab results and use a reliable cannabis dealer.

What products are made from THCP Distillate?

THCP /DB Distillate Blends

This is a very potent fresh Bros THC distillate which blends well to accommodate its high psychoactive effects. Because of the high potency of THCP isolate, consumers shouldn’t take them in large doses. You can check the fresh Bros bulk section for various THCP products.

There hasn’t been enough research to determine how addictive it can be. But since it’s considered more potent than THC, it’s likely to have a higher binding affinity than other THC products. The key is using it responsibly.

THCP distillate vs THC distillate

THCP and THC are similar and different in different ways m. Both are considered natural cannabis and hemp products. The main difference is that THC is known to be a carbon in a diamond field when placed side by side with the THCP. THCP distillates also have a higher potency level than the THCP distillate.

THCP distillate is very strong and has more potency than the THC distillate. Looking from the molecular level, THCP has more carbons on the side chains while THC has just five. Also, the THCP distillate binds its receptors 33 times more than that of the THC. In the cannabis industry, the stronger the bind, the higher its effects.

What are the benefits of THCP distillates?

Here are some advantages of THCP distillate products :

THCP Distillate is decarboxylate

THCP distillates are always decarboxylated and simple to use. When you use this product it deals with how endocannabinoid products work with your body. When you take this product, it allows your body to eat it like other products and enjoy its numerous benefits.

This product doesn’t let you get high but allows you to enjoy the benefits of its ingredients. When you take THC products you enjoy the medicinal and psychedelic benefits. This is obtained from trichomes from unique neurons which work well.

THCP distillate is Pure

Users who are interested in cannabis that’s pure should take the THCP distillates. With this product, you shouldn’t be worried about additives or chemicals which might be added to the product. With distillations like THCP, you will get ingredients like terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids.

THCP has an extremely high THC content

Depending on the buds used to create the product. However, irrespective of the THCP distilled product there is a high THC content which provides a good euphoric effect. Most THC content has about 26-30%, however, with THCP, this increases to about 90%.

THCP distillate provides an entourage effect

When we talk about the entourage effect of marijuana compounds, we are talking about CBD THC and terpenes which will offer users some physical effects. With THCP compounds, getting an entourage effect is so important in creating a potent effect that many cannabis compounds can give.

THC we know offers some form of treatment for chronic pain and inflammation. Also, CBD, it can relieve migraines, aches and some forms of psychosis. When put together in a THCP product, you are assured of getting several new treatments and effects.

THCP distillate effect are discreet

The product this THCP distillates offer isn’t like the usual burning down on the dab rig, distillates are highly discreet.

How do you use THCP distillate?

Though THCP distillates are new they can be consumed in several ways:


A way you can use THCP distillate is by dropping them under the tongue and the tongue liquid dissolves them into your system. When the THCP distillate is taken sublingual, it offers consumers a quick effect rather than just swallowing it. However, it is not faster than the inhaling method.

Vape Pen

Another avenue you can use THCP distillate is through a vape pen. This looks like a reloaded tank which accepts many liquids and solid cannabis. Also, if your vape pen lets you adjust the temperature, it could be helpful.

This is because some forms of cannabis like wax, oil, shatter may vaporize from certain points. If the user isn’t ready to vape a complete THCP distillate, you can add some drops to a different cartridge for extra kick.

Dab rig or Bong

If you want an immediate kick, put a. Little hardened THCP distillate into a. Plate of Bong or into the nail of a dab rig and get ready to fly.

Joint or Blunt

For cannabis users who still love the old school method of cannabis consumption, they could spread a bit of THCP distillate on a paper, and create their own Spliff. The high THCP count in the distillate indicates you will need just a few joints to have an instant effect.

Having a distillate-infused blunt is excellent for sharing. For adventurous notice, they can kick things up by sprinkling some klef on top before closing. Ensure you strap up and enjoy the ride.


THCP distillate can also be used as a form of tablet. This is a powerful form and the effects last longer than other forms of using the THCP distillates. Moreover, solid THCP distillate won’t require you learning how to smoke.

It doesn’t have strange Odor like regular cannabis. If you are suffering from pains and acne, take a drop of hardening THCP distillate for immediate relief. The way it is digested means that your body system will release cannabinoids from the THCP distillates slowly. Usually, it takes up to three hours before you can feel the effect.


You can also mix THCP distillate into some edibles for fast and easy consumption. Some edibles you can mix them with include coffee, cannabutter, milk, honey, coconut oil and candy. In reality you can mix the THCP distillate into anything and it will work. You can even sprinkle it on a salad or smoothie.

Don’t forget, it’s important to be careful when using THCP distillate or any concentrates for that matter. The high THC content might make you experience highness within a short time.

How to evaluate the THCP distillate for quality?

When it comes to evaluating the THCP distillates for quality, it’s important to examine it in some four areas : Color, clarity, brand reputation and potency.


The color of the THCP distillates determines how refined it is. Its necessary to note that there are many shades of color found in THCP distillate, however. Light, Amber yellow is a great color when getting a THCP distillate. Anything too dark or with black should be avoided.


Clarity is another important factor to consider when determining the evaluation of THCP distillate. Distillation is a refinement process, therefore any errors in clarity will be related to how they are extracted.

Good quality THCP distillate must be translucent and not cloudy. When you peep through distillate products, you should be able to see through them.

High Potency

This depends on how you are used to cannabis product before and your preference. Most THCP distillate have a potency between 84-98%, so ensure you have a look at the content before you sleep.

Brand reputation

Another crucial factor important when evaluating a THCP content is the brand which produces the THCP distillates. You should only use a brand that’s credible and offers its customers piece of mind.

Side Effects of the THCP distillate

With the several benefits of the THCP distillate, it comes with some drawbacks which don’t apply to everyone. Also , it increases the heart rate of users, therefore those with heart conditions should avoid it.

Sometimes, users complain of coordination problems, however this is linked to those who don’t use it as prescribed or those with mobility problems.

Many have also said some THCP distillate products have caused dryness in the mouth, red eyes and some slow reaction times for them. To limit the adverse effects of the THCP distillate, it is most important to avoid overdose and to always eat before using it.

User Experience

Kelvin Brian

The THCP distillate products I bought from Fresh Bros are of the highest quality. Last two months, I suffered from severe pain around the waist. A friend bought the product from me, and I was relieved within days.

Daniel Olsen

Over three years, I was always on pills suffering from migraines after I fell off the tree. Late last year, the aches increased, and I was always troubled. I took the THCP product, and luckily I was relieved within two weeks. The product works!

Irine Teresa

I have suffered anxiety and depression issues for close to 12 months, when I lost my job. Around December, it got worse because I was having suicidal thoughts, thankfully, I bough THCP distillate from fresh Bros, and my anxiety and depression has decreased. I haven’t got my job back, but I am more positive than ever.

Federal Legality

THCP distillate is recognised by the convention of psychotropic substances, however it isn’t legal in all states in the USA. Each state has its own laws, so even though it might be technically legal at the federal level, it’s subject to state laws.

THCP distillate is legal at the federal level thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. The Bill states that all derivatives, isomers, acids, salts and cannabinoids, either throwing or not is legal. Although, this isn’t binding on the state, so it’s important to check your local laws.

When you check the Farm Bill you will see sections which discuss the legal status of CBD, cannabis and THCP at the federal level.

Final Thoughts

The THCP distillate remains an ideal cannabis blend which is great for everyone who wants to enjoy the product. It can be used by experts and beginners alike. The benefits are many and it has some slight drawbacks.

THCP distillate products are legal at the federal level but it’s illegal in some states. You will have to check with your state to know if it’s legal.

The THCP distillate is recommended for people who want something high and offer a euphoric experience for users.

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