RUNTZ HHC Disposable Vape 1 Gram Pen


Runtz HHC Disposable 1G

Introducing the brand new disposable collection from Runtz. These Runtz HHC Disposables are crafted using 1 gram of premium, top-tier distillate infused with naturally-derived terpenes to offer hemp consumers a product that is not only immensely potent, but also extremely savory.

These HHC Disposables comes with a 510 threaded top-grade cartridge and a re-chargeable battery. With little to no defect rates such as clogging, leaking or faulty batteries, Runtz Disposables are your best bet. They are also very easy to begin using; simply remove it from its packaging and start puffing away! When you’ve finished enjoying this amazing disposable, toss it away and come back to us to grab a new one.

Product Features:
Less than 0.03% Delta-9 THC
1 gram of HHC infused in a cartridge
Tested by third party labs for potency, safety, and accuracy
510 threaded battery