Runtz Strain Review - Runtz Cannabis Strain

The Runtz strain, also known as OG Runtz is believed to have originated from Los Angeles. It is one of the most balanced hybrids of marijuana strains nowadays. Not only that, the strain has been hyped by many and it has won several accolades.

Runtz strain has equal Indica and Sativa contents. This rare strain is made from the crossbreeding of Gelato with Zkittlez. One of the reasons why the Runtz strain is loved by many marijuana enthusiasts is its fruity and aromatic flavor. Also, the Runtz strain is of different phenotypes and flavors. The strain is also popular for its euphoric and uplifting effects.

The THC content of the strain ranges from 19% to 30%, depending on the grower. Once taken, users will likely find it easier to talk or relax. With the THC content, it is recommended that you start with little quantity if you are a rookie smoker. Check out this article for a detailed review of one of the rarest cannabis strains.

What is the Runtz Cannabis Strain?

Runtz strain is medical cannabis that is highly sought after by the Cookies family. The strain is a hybrid of the Zkittlez and Gelato, which implies that it takes the flavor and the appearance of the parents' strain. If you are familiar with the Zkittlez and Gelato, you can guess the appearance of the Runtz strain. Moreover, the strain also contains an equal quantity of Sativa and Indica.

Runtz strain is available in different varieties such as the pink and white varieties and each one is known for its optimum potency. The white trichomes in the white Runtz strain make the budding white and it usually looks like snow. On the other hand, the pink variety can also be identified with the dense bud structure, which usually has dark green to deep purple hues. This is due to the terpene content in the parent strain.

One of the reasons why many smokers hyped the Runtz strain is because of the creamy smoke with an aromatic flavor. The scent is welcoming and it smells like a bag of sugar candy. The strain also has a tropical aroma, which is due to its terpenes content.

The taste of the Runtz strain is not far from its candy nickname. The taste is sweet, sour, and skunky. It could, at times, taste like an orange, pure sugar, or berry but predominantly tastes like a pineapple. It also has another fruity taste that could be best explained when you smoke it.

Since medical cannabis gained popularity worldwide, a lot of counterfeits, especially those of lesser quality, tried to make more money from this. The Runtz strain is becoming one of the most popular cannabis strains, hence, there are a lot of counterfeits also.

Medical Benefits of Runtz Cannabis Strains

With varying content of THC and CBD, the strain likely produces different high effects. Nevertheless, the strain has some benefits that make it qualify as medical cannabis. For people suffering from anxiety and depression, the Runtz strain is a perfect cure. Not only will you feel relaxed after taking the strain, but the effect will also last longer.

Moreover, if you need to relieve yourself of the day’s stress and other stressful activities, you can take the Runtz strain. The strain is potent for melting away the pain and aches that come with stress. Many users stated that they feel relieved anytime they are stressed and they take the Runtz strain.

For people who just need a feeling of happiness and positivity apart from the physical benefits, you can take the premium jack. The strain is known for its potency to cause euphoric happiness. Also, the strain could make you think critically, talk more and become more creative.

Remember that the Runtz strain has different THC content. This implies that you should be mindful of the content you will take when you are seeking any of the benefits highlighted above. If possible, you should seek medical counseling before you use the strain for any of its medical benefits.

Adverse Effects of the Runtz Cannabis Strain

Just like the way the Runtz weed strain has different medical benefits, it also has some known adverse effects that have been reported by users. THC is known to be very potent and could affect anybody, either an experienced or a new smoker, depending on some conditions. The truth, however, is that no death has been recorded due to the consumption of the Runtz strain.

Apart from the feeling of dry mouth and eyes that is associated with cannabis, one of the most common adverse effects stated by many people is that they feel headaches after they take the strain. Moreover, you can also feel dizzy or start feeling anxious when you take the strain.

However, adverse effects of the Runtz strain are mostly felt by newbie smokers or those that have taken a higher quantity of the strain. Also, those that are prone to the paranoia effect of THC could experience the same feeling. To avoid these effects, make sure that you are properly hydrated while taking the strain.

How to Grow Runtz Weed Strain:runtz strain information

Though the seed is not easy to get due to the growing popularity of the strain, it is easy to grow. The Runtz strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors. One good thing about cultivating this strain is that it can be grown by anybody, irrespective of your level of experience.

For better yield, it is recommended that you grow the strain outside. When grown outside, the strain could reach a height of 180 cm and a yield of about 450g per square meter. The flowering period is between 8 to 9 weeks and it is usually harvested from the end of September to mid-October.

The strain does not spread while growing but you can still pattern the growth in a manner that will be manageable for you. For better results, make sure nitrogen is abundant in the growing environment.

Final Thoughts on the Runtz Cannabis Strain

The equal content of Sativa and Indica in the Runtz strain makes it a perfect choice for both medical and recreational smokers. You can be assured that it will produce the desired effect.

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