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🇺🇸 Memorial Day: Upto 75% OFF On Select Strains  Flat 35% OFF All THCA Flower

Runtz Muffin Strain Review – Runtz Muffin Cannabis Strain

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Runtz Muffin Strain Review – Runtz Muffin Cannabis Strain

The Runtz muffin is one of the strains that originate from the Barneys Farm. It is a hybrid of the three of the most popular strains and users’ favorites. The parents’ strains are Zkittlez, Gelato #33, and Orange Punch. Moreover, the strain is dominated by Indica, which takes about 70%, and the remaining 30% for Sativa.

With a THC content of about 29%, the Runtz Muffin is not cannabis that could be joked with when it comes to the “high”. It could produce some extreme effects, which makes it relatively unfit for rookie smokers. However, the flavor is welcoming and it is fit for the perfect relaxing mood. Keep reading for more information on this crossbreed weed.

What is the Runtz Muffin Cannabis Strain?

The Runtz muffin is a product of some of the most popular cannabis strains that fans love. It is a feminized strain that was produced by the Barneys Farm to meet the needs of those who desire an intense and complex flavor of weed. It is one of the feminized cannabis that produces the desired result when you take it.

Runtz Muffin Cannabis Strain cannabis strains

The strain is dominated by Indica, which shows that cannabis means business when you take it. Not only that, a
THC content of about 29% makes the strain fit for smokers who want the perfect relaxing weed.

Taking the strain will give you a childhood memory of a candy store. This is because the aroma of the weed is enticing just like the taste. The taste gives different flavors of sweet fruits. At times, it could give you the pineapple taste, strawberry, or orange. Not only is the aroma enticing, but it also makes you happy and takes you to a state of tranquilitytranquility when you take it.

The strain contains many terpenes, which are inherited from the parents’ strains. By appearance, the Runtz muffins most times appear in deep green hues at the buds with soft purple. It could be up to 2 meters high when it is grown outdoors. However, with a high THC content, the Runtz muffin is not for soft-minded and novice smokers. This implies that you should be cautious when you want to take the strain.

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Medical Benefits of the Runtz Muffin

Runtz muffin does not only produce a strong flavor, but it also has some medicinal benefits that make it fit for some audiences. Here are a few of the potential health benefits of this strain.

Runtz Muffin Cannabis Strain May Relieve Stress

Runtz muffin strain is a perfect choice for those who want to relax, especially after the day’s work. It will calm the body after some level of euphoria and ease the stress. For perfect relaxation, it is recommended that you take the Runtz muffin at night. This also makes the strain potent for people that are suffering from anxiety and depression.

While the strain is capable of providing a fulfilling level of relaxation, it will also block all forms of mental stress. If taken in the morning, the strain is potent to ensure that you carry on throughout the day without any worry. You will have calm and positive thoughts. Moreover, you will be able to think critically and come up with new ideas.

Runtz Muffin Cannabis Strain May Help With Sleep Issues

For those who have difficulties experiencing sound sleep, the Runtz muffin can give you the sleep you desire. It is a good company that you can take when chilling. You will, from a calm and relaxed state of mind, fall into a deep sleep the way you have never experienced before. Moreover, the strain is also good for people suffering from loss of appetite and nausea. Once taken, you will gradually start feeling the urge to do it again.

However, you should be moderate when you want to take the strain in solving any of the medical issues highlighted above. Remember that the strain contains high THC and it could have some severe effects if you take it in larger quantities, especially if you are not a pro smoker.

Adverse Effects of the Runz Muffin

Though the Runtz muffin has some medical benefits that make it the choice of some weed fans, you should be reminded also that the strain could lead to some adverse effects also. Similar to some popular effects reported by people when they take other weed strains, it is likely that you experience dry mouth and eyes when you take the Runtz muffin strain.

Also, taking the strain for the first time or in excess quantity could make you feel dizzy or cause a headache. It is likely that you also feel tired. While these are some of the likely issues you could have when you take the strain, you can also prevent it by drinking enough water while taking the weed and after taking it. You can also get an eye moisturizer if you have dry eyes after taking the strain. If you want to take the strain during the daytime, you should ensure that you will not drive it or operate a machine while you are under the influence of the strain.

How to Grow the Runtz Muffin

runtz muffin weed

Growing the Runtz muffing is not a difficult experience for growers as the seed performs well both indoors and outdoors. This makes it a good choice for new growers. When it is fully developed, the strain will grow into an average height of about 2 meters when grown outside.

Moreover, it is easy to care for the weed, irrespective of where you grow it and the climate. All you need to do is to prune it occasionally and expect a bountiful yields that are rich in terpenes, trichomes, and cannabinoids. The flowering period of the Runtz muffin strain ranges from 8 to 9 weeks. The harvest period is from late September to mid-October. Additionally, you can also adopt the growth information of the parentss’ strains when you want to grow the Runtz muffin strain.

Final Thoughts

Though the Runtz muffin is suitable for medical and recreational purposes, you should not take it in excess quantities due to the high THC content. You can also seek medical counsel before you take it if you have underlying medical conditions.

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