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Fresh Bros Services

We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs who work together in the CBD lifestyle industry. From all walks of life, we integrate our knowledge and expertise we have gained over the past several years to help you be successful. We have a complete line of branded CBD, CBN, CBG, and D8 products designed to support any lifestyle. If you are an athlete, stay at home parent or are retired, we have products that can enhance your life. All of our “Guaranteed Fresh” products are 3rd party tested and you can always see the Certificate of Analysis posted on our website. We help you start your CBD business without the added headache and cost of a startup.

Why should you sell our brands?

  • No logo or graphic design necessary. We already paid for the graphic designer, so you don’t have to.
  • No packing/label cost. Our Fresh Bros or D8LTA brands are all complete with labels and eye-catching packaging to help you get started making a profit quickly.
  • No product or market research needed. We know what sells and manufacture only products that the consumer wants.
  • No formulation costs. We have the proven formulas for the products that you need.
  • We are always creating new and cutting-edge products for you to offer to your customer base.
  • Our co-packing is cGMP certified so your products will be compliant from start to finish.

We have the perfect set of products to help you become profitable right out of the gate. A complete store-front starter pack in either our Fresh Bros or D8LTA brands, that can be used in even the smallest of spaces so you can offer healthy, plant based, therapeutic CBD products. As you seek to start and grow your CBD business, let Fresh Bros and D8LTA be your trusted brands and we will be there to support you along the way!

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