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Is Delta 8 Legal in Kansas State Law?

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Is Delta 8 Legal in Kansas?

Delta-8 is one of the newest compounds available in the United States. It has been showing up in many bits of hemp and CBD products in the US. But is delta-8 legal in Kansas? Well, the answer is yes, but it isn’t legal everywhere.

Cannabis has been legalized in many states, but not all. Some have a complicated system of legalized cannabinoids, with several different strains and cannabinoids. One of them is delta-8 THC, which is often extracted from hemp.

Delta-8 THC is a cannabis derivative gaining traction as a legal alternative to traditional THC. The US state of Kansas recently legalized delta-8 (among other cannabis derivatives).

Check out this article to learn more about cannabinoid legality in Kansas.

Delta 8 THC in Kansas State: Legal or Illegal?

Delta 8 THC is a new derivative of cannabis that’s taken the cannabis world by storm. This famous cannabinoid has a distinctly different effect than other forms of THC. It’s still illegal in many states, but the case with Kansas State is a bit confusing.

According to Derek Schmidt, Kansas Attorney General, delta-8 THC-containing products, including cigarettes, cigars, vapes, and teas, are Schedule I prohibited products and consequently forbidden from sale or possession in Kansas as of 2021.

However, Delta-8 isn’t technically banned or forbidden in Kansas state, though, because a state attorney’s view isn’t legally binding.

As of right now, Kansas state law permits the use of delta-8 THC. Without concern for punishment or legal action, you are free to use, acquire, market, sell, distribute, and create products made with delta-8.

Delta 8 THC Law in Kansas

In Kansas, delta-8 usage, acquisition, sale, distribution, acquisition, and manufacturing are all permitted.

There isn’t any regulation on the books right now that might make delta-8 illegal in Kansas. But we anticipate that its legality will eventually change in light of Derek Schmidt’s recent argument.

In Kansas, unauthorized CBD shops and online retailers sell delta-8 goods legally. Legal THC ethers include delta-10, HHC, and THC-O.

Marijuana use is prohibited for both medicinal and recreational purposes. However, residents can alleviate chronic and crippling illnesses with low-THC CBD oils.

Furthermore, CBD is permitted, but it cannot include any THC.

Development of Kansas’s Delta 8 Legislation

May of 2018 saw the legalization of all hemp components in Kansas (including delta-8). This was per Senate Bill 282.

However, unlike the Federal Farm Bill (permitting up to 0.3% of delta-9), Kansas State does not permit any quantity of delta-9 in any marijuana product produced in the state.

Since then, Kansas has legalized the usage of delta-8 goods, allowing its citizens to use legal marijuana goods for recreational purposes without ingesting illicit marijuana-derived items.

However, the legality of delta-8 is currently in doubt, and it’s unclear how long the state will continue to allow their use after 2022.

How Old Must You Be to Purchase Delta 8 in Kansas?

Most importantly, purchasing items containing hemp-derived Delta-8-THC requires that you be 21 years old or older. Only a few Kansas retailers sell delta-8, but its products are legally available online. So, you can purchase delta-8 THC online and have it delivered to your home.

Where to Shop Delta 8 in Kansas State

Kansas State hemp regulations permit the sale of legal hemp products within the state, provided they are in line with the state’s hemp plan and don’t contain any Delta-9-THC. Therefore, if you’re trying to purchase Delta-8-THC in Kansas, you’re lucky.

However, it is advised to use caution while selecting a Delta-8 merchant. While you may discover a variety of hemp items in your neighborhood shops, buying Delta-8 online might have advantages.

Why Should You Purchase Delta 8 online?

Although most people may find in-person consumer assistance more satisfying in brick-and-mortar stores, we recommend buying delta-8 goods online.

Some of the top delta-8 products can be purchased straight from reputable, trustworthy delta-8 sellers like
Fresh Bros. In most cases, shipping is inexpensive, and you can benefit from regular sales and packages to save a little extra.

Buy From Reliable Sources

One benefit is purchasing directly from a company or producer rather than a third-party supplier. They might not fully comprehend the impacts and applications of delta-8 or the regulations governing delta-8 items.

Greater Product Range

You typically have more options when ordering Delta-8 products online instead of in-store. Among the Delta-8 choices available to you at Fresh Bros are the following:



Vape Pens

Find Unsurpassed Quality

Examining the reliability of a Delta-8 brand or product is much simpler when shopping online. Examine the brand’s reputation, customer endorsements, and other product details.

You can trust us to provide the best products because all Fresh Bros products are backed by independent lab testing that confirms their efficacy.


Delta-8 products are all the rage these days. But there’s a lot of misinformation out there about it. Additionally, the laws around Delta-8 THC are changing by the day, which can be confusing for consumers.

We can’t always trust the labeling on products to be completely accurate. That’s why you should only shop with reliable sources like Fresh Bros.

We provide the best products at competitive rates and can respond to any queries you may have on Delta-8’s legality and use.

Find out which state Delta 8 is legal:

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