4/20 Sale : Flat 42% OFF All Products Free Shipping Over $75

4/20 Sale : Flat 42% OFF All Products Free Shipping Over $75

How to Grow the Best Hemp

How to Grow the Best Hemp

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We have been farming since 2012 and we are figuring out how to grow the best hemp. Every year we progress, and persistently explore different avenues regarding new procedures and techniques. The foundation of our whole system relies on testing and we are glad to impart our discoveries to our clients. Between our staff we have right around 35 years of joined cannabis cultivation experience and acknowledge there are many ways to grow a good crop. Kindly do your own explorations, converse with your kindred cultivators, cannabis researchers, and leverage any knowledge you can while picking how you sow, develop, collect, and dry your yield. Furthermore, if our techniques don’t work for you, continue pushing. Cultivating is rarely simple and there is always a better way to do things. We started delivering hemp flower in containers in 2012, and have persisted to develop and hone in on our genetics and our methods every year since. Knowledge is Power and 2019 was a powerful year.

How to Grow the Best Hemp Using Organic Practices

Fresh Bros. Organic Hemp is always cultivated using organic farming practices. Organic hemp is best when it comes from organic hemp seeds. Such seeds can only be harvested from their organic parents. These harvested seeds may not be exposed, treated or modified by any foreign chemicals. You will simply not find better hemp on the market. Growing hemp organically is not only a process but is also a philosophy of people working with nature. We have hemp available for sale now that ranges from 10-20% CBD on average. All of the biomass we market is organically grown. In addition, hemp orders have a 50 pound minimum order quantity. Prices drop significantly with larger volume orders. Hemp biomass refers to the dried plant matter that is used for the production of refined hemp products, such as CBD oil and distillate. Our hemp can be refined to make anything from foods to wellness products. Schedule a tour to our greenhouses and learn how to grow the best hemp!

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