4/20 Sale : Flat 42% OFF All Products Free Shipping Over $75

4/20 Sale : Flat 42% OFF All Products Free Shipping Over $75

Hand Sanitizer With CBD is One Product We Can All Use Right Now

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Hand sanitizer with CBD might seem like snake oil to some people, but we invite you to look more closely.  I have spent years laughing at conspiracy theorists who spend boatloads of cash to construct an underground bunker in their own backyard and pack it full of essentials they feel necessary to survive the apocalypse.  Well, it seems like the joke may be on me!

Recently, we have been treated to a slew of videos and photos of individuals who went crazy at Walmart and loaded their carts full of toilet paper and other essentials. Because of this type of consumer behavior, those who did not stockpile, experienced sudden shortages, which have made particular products incredibly tough to purchase both in shops and on the internet. Hand sanitizer ranks near the top of that list.

If you will let this be a judgment-free zone, then I will confess I have likely washed my hands more times within the course of the last month than I did during the prior calendar year. While I have been wanting to stay inside in complete quarantine, I have had to leave the protection of my home and wander into the pandemic stricken new world we all now face.

Why You Should Be Armed with CBD Hand Sanitizer When You Venture Out Right Now

When you go out into the world during a pandemic, you need something capable of slaying germs and bacteria. Why not equip yourself with a few pumps of CBD hand sanitizer made with a hospital-grade ethanol base.  Studies in Australia have shown that CBD kills bacteria over twice as quickly as common antibiotics.  In addition, essential fatty acids are found in CBD oil, and when used as part of a skin care routine, can protect the skin’s oil barrier, reducing moisture loss and helping to retain moisture within the skin cells.  In addition, studies show that CBD can help reduce joint inflammation and pain.

If you are seeking to purchase wholesale (or for personal use), then Fresh Bros can help!  We have a considerable supply available that we can send right to your door!

As an additional benefit,  if you are feeling a little stressed these days, Fresh Bros. also distributes products which may help. If you would like to order products today, use promo code “Fresh” at freshbros.com/shop for 30% OFF + Free Domestic Shipping. What else can we do to help in this time of need? Post your comments in the comments section below.

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