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The Garlic Cookies strain is a cannabis strain that is made from crossing Chemdawg and  Girl Scout Cookies. This strain hits the body system hard when consumed in the right dose.

The  THC content of the Garlic Cookies strain is 29-33% which means novices should keep it off. For experienced smokers, the garlic cookie strain promises many benefits which include, stress relief, treatment of pains, boosted memory and improved concentration.

Cannabis growers who wish to cultivate this strain should expose it to lots of warmth and water. If you want cannabis that is highly potent and provides you with a euphoric experience, this strain is for you.

Here is an in-depth review of the Garlic Cookies strain.

What is the Garlic Cookies Strain?

The garlic cookies strain popularly called GMO cookies by cannabis users is a highly potent Indica strain. It offers users a euphoric high and is mentally soothing. It’s a pretty difficult marijuana strain to come by, but once you get your hand on it, you are assured of a unique experience.

Its high  THC levels mean new smokers should avoid it or smoke it in very low doses. For experienced smokers, you will get stoned easily from the first drag till you finish it. It’s best used in the evening when you want to relax your mind and focus.

Recreational users can also benefit from the Garlic Cookies strain because it offers some energy-boosting and overall body relaxation benefits.

What does the Garlic Cookies Strain Feel and Taste Like?

The Garlic Cookies strain smells of garlic, and herbs and has an aroma of creamy vanilla. When inhaled, the strain floods your mouth with some garlicky terps and earth smoke. Its taste is similar to that of the Girl Scout Cookies.

The Garlic Cookies strain hits you hard and fast leaving you feeling stung and euphoric. Seconds after inhaling it, the highness starts creeping all over your body offering a sense of deep relaxation, rendering you muchy and locked on the spot.

When consumed in the evening, there is a chance that you will be carried off into a deep sleep.

The Garlic Cookies Strain Test

The test of the Garlic Cookies strain shows that the THC content varies from 29 to 33%. Also the  CBD level is 3% meaning it was made specifically for users with high cannabis tolerance.

This strain is a heavy hitter and has 90% Indica strain. Consumers should take in moderate doses because overuse can lead to paranoia or intense couch-lock. Adventurous novices and those new to smoking but who want to try GMO Cookies should take their time and start slowly.

What does its appearance look like?

The GMO Cookies have bright buds with shades of olive green. You will notice a coating of white trichomes, purple hues and some orange trichomes woven all over the bud. Unlike other cannabis strains, the Garlic Cookies buds are long and flat, similar to pepper shape.

The GMO Cookies plants are robust, thick and grow averagely.

History of the Garlic Cookies Strain

The Garlic Cookies strain was developed by the Divine Genetics group by crossing two strains: Chemdawg and the Girl Scout Cookies. The strain comes from a strong Asian lineage and its partners are the Hindu Kush and Lemon Thai.

Medical Benefits of the Garlic Cookies Strain

The extremely high  THC levels of these strains mean it offers many recreational and medicinal benefits. From the mental side, it offers good relaxation benefits for those with anxiety and stress problems.

Taking in moderate doses can leave you stone high for hours. Also, if you are suffering from suicide and negative thoughts, this strain is for you. It changes your thinking and pushes positive thoughts into your mind.

If you are bored and need some form of immediate relaxation, GMO Cookies offers that by sending you into a state of euphoria. It makes your thinking stable and sends you into an extremely happy state of mind.

Moreover, this cannabis strain when used in the evening can help with insomnia and other sleeping disorders. You will slip into heavy slumber briefly after inhaling a dose.

Some users have also noted that the Garlic Cookies strain can help improve concentration and enhance creativity. You become more productive and churn out better results when used in small doses. It has shown some positive effects against pain, inflammation and migraines.

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Side Effects of the Garlic Cookies Strain

The makeup of this strain’s  THC content means it comes with some drawbacks, especially when used by new cannabis users. For one, it makes users hungry, so you might want to eat it before smoking it. It’s dangerous to use on an empty stomach.

Some users have also complained that it makes their mouth dry and causes eye itches. Try to have a bottle of water close by while having a drag to combat these effects. GMO Cookies can also make you highly concerned about your environment.

When taken in high doses, it could send you into a state of paranoia.

How do you grow the Garlic Cookies Strain?

Growing the Garlic Cookies strain is simple, however, finding the right GMO feminized seeds is complicated. The seeds are either photoperiod seeds or clones, so ensure you know what you are buying.

You can grow the Garlic Cookies strain outdoors or indoors, however, it’s easier to grow this strain inside than outside. The Strain naturally is resistant to pests and diseases, so you will be saved on pest control measures.

The GMO plants grow by spreading out and are very thick. Ensure that there is enough space when trying to grow them indoors. Be aware that it exudes some pungent and awful scent so, you might need to expose it to air.

To grow Garlic Cookies strain quickly you will need a warm and dry climate for it to thrive easily. The average time for flowering is around 10 to 11 weeks and is usually harvested around October. If you grow it indoors, expect a yield of around 15 ounces per plant, but it can be up to 22 ounces if grown outdoors.

Final Thoughts

The Garlic Cookie strain is a rare cannabis strain with high potency. The strain was made by Divine Genetics to provide experienced cannabis with many benefits. While not off-limits to new smokers, they should start slowly. This strain can be grown easily outdoors and indoors and is usually harvested in October.

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