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Prime Day Sale: 30% OFF Sitewide Upto 61% OFF Select Products Free Shipping Over $75

FDA Approval of CBD Products Will Come Too Late for Many Americans

FDA Approval Of CBD Products Will Come Too Late For Many Americans

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The current United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is extremely conservative given their historic role in the opioid crisis and because of both the media’s and the public’s deep suspicions surrounding corrupt government ties to private business sectors. The administration is likely not far from making provisions for CBD, but the sad fact is that FDA approval of CBD products will come too late for many Americans. Cannabis products with over 0.3% delta–9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ-9-THC) on a dry weight basis are prohibited by federal law in America. Let us be clear about something: This does NOT mean Total THC content! There are several forms of THC and you can add them up to create a total amount. Because of prohibition, cannabis is still a highly understudied, underutilized, medicinal treasure trove. The 2018 Farm Bill left it up to each state to form their own rules regarding this important issue. Oregon law, for instance, requires farmers to measure the Total THC content, whereas a state like Alabama makes it clear that Δ-9-THC alone is the deciding factor with respect to what is legal and what is “pot”. Regardless, pure CBD (cannabidiol) goods are lawful federally according to the 2018 Farm Bill since CBD does not contain THC.

Why The FDA Becomes So Important

A lot of people are wondering why the FDA even matters when it comes to the legalization of CBD. First off, like the DEA or the FBI or even Congress and the President, the FDA is a very important part of the Federal Government. According to their website, “The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices; and by ensuring the safety of our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation.” It is a very serious business and the FDA has an immense amount of resources at their disposal. This isn’t just about whether or not “Joe Bob’s CBD shack” is going to get a nasty letter from the FDA or shut down tomorrow. The FDA influences billions of people and countless major businesses across the world. The decisions of the FDA effect the greater health of the human race.

What The FDA Does Make Clear

The FDA makes it clear that CBD goods must not be utilized as a food derivative. Furthermore, the FDA has been super resistant to how a lot of CBD companies are promoting their products, especially when it comes to advertising to children or claiming to cure specific health conditions. The FDA claims that these sorts of marketing efforts violate federal legislation and place consumers in danger. Brands that have recently been targeted with warning letters from the FDA include: Koi Naturals, Infinite CBD, and Your CBD Store. The FDA is obviously skeptical about CBD products. However, they do not wish to ban CBD products altogether. What worries the FDA a great deal, it seems, is the actual marketing of the CBD goods. As a result of all this, the FDA is exploring and developing principles that would allow food companies to utilize CBD as a nutritional supplement.

Why FDA Approval of CBD Products is So Crucial

On account of the shortage of suitable principles and rules from the FDA, CBD products are not readily available. CBD businesses are often unable to advertise and sell their merchandise openly in our country. Regardless of what you think, our industry needs immediate certainty from the FDA. With a clear and fair outline, the FDA has the power to make our entire industry (and economy) run more smoothly. It can help a lot of people who just plain need CBD to live a higher quality of life! This is why Congressional leaders from both political parties are requesting that commissioner of the FDA Stephen Hahn set a regulatory framework for CBD products. As the cannabis industry waits for the FDA’s provisions for CBD products, the march towards establishing rules to permit promotion of cannabidiol as a nutritional supplement continues. The FDA says they are working to apply appropriate guidelines. Meanwhile, the bureau has started a public docket to collect more information and comprehend the risks and advantages of CBD. The FDA continues to issue warning letters to a lot of cannabis and food businesses which have made unsubstantiated claims regarding the curative potential of CBD goods.

Underlying The FDA’s Position on CBD is a Lack of Research

The FDA’s position is that the possible threats and benefits of CBD products are not clear. Currently, marijuana remains illegal under federal law. Hemp and derivatives became lawful to sell and possess two decades back, according to some Federal statutes. There is not extensive scientific research on CBD products, the FDA claims. The FDA states they are, “actively evaluating what and how much data would be sufficient to support the conclusion that CBD can safely be allowed in dietary supplements under certain conditions.” The agency believes that enabling CBD as a dietary supplement generates certain problematic issues. All in all, the FDA keeps assessing and seeking data from CBD product makers and consumers to find out how hemp extracts have been derived. The administration would like to learn the therapeutic potential of CBD products. The cannabis industry expects to have a decision in the FDA shortly so that CBD expansion plans may occur faster in the United States.

Why is There Such a Massive Demand for CBD Goods During the CoronaVirus Pandemic?

There is a massive demand for CBD goods in America right now because of the medicinal benefits it has and because people are stressed and want to stay happy and healthy. But, even if the FDA approves CBD products, the present situation does not necessarily help the CBD market. Cannabis remains a “non-essential product” to most of the country. Because of this, the coronavirus pandemic has influenced CBD sales negatively in some places. On the other hand, some companies have seen huge increases in revenues. A lot of people chose to stock-up on CBD during this time. A couple of states forced limitations on dispensaries. However, advocates are urging authorities to permit patients to gain access to cannabis products in this challenging time. Meanwhile, CBD businesses continue to fight after the CoronaVirus lockdowns. The closures of stores will surely affect retail sales, but some businesses are still thriving. At Fresh Bros., our revenue rose by 14.2% last week compared to what we normally average. Corporate profits aside, the American people demand CBD for all sorts of health reasons and the FDA has a responsibility to do the right thing here and do it quickly. Again, they say they are, “… responsible for protecting the public health,…” We’ll wait and see what that Really means when it comes to CBD and our health.

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