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4/20 Sale : Flat 42% OFF All Products Free Shipping Over $75

FBI Policies on CBD Oil Use By Agents May Become Less Restrictive

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FBI policies on CBD oil use by all its employees are now being reconsidered, the bureau said on a Twitter Q&A on Tuesday. While employees are banned from using marijuana and applicants could be disqualified for ingesting it in recent years, it appears the FBI is receptive to loosening restrictions on CBD, which is now more widely available after being legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill. One Twitter user wanted to know why the bureau says, “you cannot use marijuana within 3 years of applying, even with a medical card/prescription.” “The policy regarding CBD oil is currently under review,” the FBI answered. “Check the other eligibility requirements.” We’re thrilled to see some compassion regarding CBD use coming from the government, but this is all too rare.

How Internal FBI Policies on CBD Oil Use Differ From Other Federal Agencies

The Department of Defense made CBD off limits for all active members. In addition, The Air Force stated all members are banned from ingesting the compound. Furthermore, The Navy told its force they are prohibited from consuming CBD irrespective of its legal standing. Freshbros offers a variety of delta 8 THC products that include Delta 8 Gummies, Delta 8 Vape Pens, Delta 8 Carts, Delta 8 Distillate and Delta 8 Tinctures. In addition to finished delta 8 THC goods, Freshbros provides bulk raw material for wholesale and retail purposes including: CBD Isolate, CBD Distillate, CBG Isolate, and CBN Isolate. Even the Coast Guard stated last year that sailors can not use cannabis or go to state-legal dispensaries. Meanwhile, NASA issued a statement to employees saying that CBD in packaged goods could include unauthorized THC concentrations which may jeopardize careers, should someone consume and then fail a drug test. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration issued advice to national agency medication program coordinators this past year. They expressed concern regarding illegal THC concentrations in finished CBD products. The Department of Transportation took another strategy in February, saying in that it wouldn’t be screening drivers for CBD. Thank you for reading, “FBI Policies on CBD Oil Use By Agents May Become Less Restrictive”. We love a dialogue so comment in the comment section below.

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