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Can I order products from your website?

Yes, at this link: 

Can I order at wholesale prices from your site?

Yes, please contact your sales associate to receive your Log In information. 

Can I purchase Samples for your products? 

Yes, please click here: 

What services do you offer? 

Please refer to these links: 

Do you offer Custom Formulation?

Yes, please refer to this link: 

What is Private Labeling?
Private label is when we manufacture products that are marketed under your company’s brand and/or label 

Why should I choose private label?
Private label products are often positioned to be lower cost alternatives to regional, national, or international brands. Some private label goods are positioned as “premium” brands. Private labeling allows you to create a brand to best reach your defined target market without having to spend the time and expense normally associated with creating your own products. 

Is payment required to begin processing my order? 

Yes, we require payment in full when your order is placed. 

What forms of payment are accepted? Bank Wire and Credit Card 

How may I contact you?
Contact us via email at or call (833) 377-4276 


What products do you offer?
Premium quality tinctures, creams, smokable hemp flower, vegan gummies, pet tinctures, hand sanitizer, CBD Salve, CBD Softgels 

What is the minimum order quantity for your products?
Wholesale requires a 50 minimum. Private Labeling and White Labeling requires a 250 minimum. 

What are your R&D capabilities?
We have a team of laboratory professionals, formulators and chemists dedicated to researching
 and developing our newest in-house products, as well as creating our client’ proprietary formulations. 

Can we supply our own CBD raw materials?
It is possible. Please email us at 

What are your lead times?
1 – 2 weeks for standard orders and 4-6 weeks for custom orders.

Is there an extra charge for a custom formulation?
Yes, a deposit is required, refer to this link:

How can I find out the status of my production run? 
Please contact your sales associate


What label design support do you offer? 
We have an in-house graphic design team who will take care of everything you need when it comes to design.

How long will my label printing take?
Label printing process usually takes 5-10 days after you approve the designs.

Do you provide labels?
Labels and packaging are always covered with your private label deposit.

Do you offer custom package design help? 
Yes, we are well-versed at taking on a variety of custom design projects.

Can I apply my own labels?
Yes, we can ship your products blank (white label) and you can apply your own labels


What certifications does your facility have?
We are a licensed CBD manufacturer and wholesaler with Clark County, NV USA.
We follow GMP guidelines and work procedures.

Do you carry all the proper licenses required by the industry?  Yes! 

Do you provide COAs (Certificate of Analysis)? 
Yes, we provide 3rd party COAs for all of our products on our website.
Click here: 

Do you offer opportunities for Distribution Partners?
Yes, Click here for more info: 

Will you drop ship direct to my customers? Yes, in most cases.

How long will it take to ship my order?
That is dependent on many steps. Once you have your approved labels and packaging at our facility,
your order will ship within 2 weeks. If your order consists of our Brand, Fresh Bros. products, it will ship more quickly.