Delta 8 Powder - Delta 8 THC-CITRUS

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Delta 8 Powder Extra Strength

Using patented nano technology, Fresh Bros has been able to create a Delta 8 Powder that you can mix into any drink. Take your Delta 8 on the go and enjoy the nice high that comes with the Delta 8 Powder. This powder is stronger than regular Delta 8 THC as it uses a new variant called Delta 8 Acetate.

THCO - What makes our Delta 8 Powder Extra Strong

THCO, otherwise known is delta 8 acetate is an acetylated version of Delta 8 THC. What this means is that the same Delta 8 THC molecule, when acetylated, will have a much higher binding frequency, thus making it far more potent. Using our nano technology, we've been able to use THCO to create discrete psychoactive products like our Delta 8 Powder, Delta 8 Shot, Delta 8 Mouth Spray and Delta 8 Candy.

Delta 8 Powder Flavors

Delta 8 Powder Flavors

Our Delta 8 Powder comes in either a citrus flavor pack or unflavored pack. You can mix it with water, tea, lemonade, coffee, or any drink of your choice.

Does Delta 8 Powder Have Psychoactive Effects?

Does Delta 8 Powder Have Psychoactive Effects?

Yes, our Delta 8 Powder is very psychoactive. It's made using THCO, the stronger variant of Delta 8 THC, and you can expect to get high from this product.

Is Delta 8 Powder Water Soluble?

Is Delta 8 Powder water soluble?

Yes, our Delta 8 Powder is water soluble and can be mixed into almost any beverage. Common beverage choices include water, tea, lemonade, and coffee; but really you can add it to your favorite cold beverage or even a hot beverage. 

Can I Buy Delta 8 Powder Online?

Can I Buy Delta 8 Powder Online?

Yes, you can order Delta 8 Powder directly on the Fresh Bros website and have it shipped to your home within 1-2 days. Fresh Bros does not ship our Delta 8 Powder to anywhere where Delta 8 is illegal. 

Is the THCO in the Delta 8 Powder Legal?

Is the THCO in the Delta 8 Powder Legal?

At the moment, the legality of THCO is undefined. However, most people would agree that it shares the same regulations as Delta 8 THC products do which are leagal under the Farm Bill since these products are under the legal limit of Delta-9 THC.

Do You Have Other Delta 8 Products?

Fresh Bros has a variety of D8 products made with regular Delta 8 THC. These include gummies, disposable vapes, carts, tinctures (one for sleep, one for focus). Additionally, you can purchase our raw delta 8 distillate wholesale or in syringes.

COA - Certificate of Analysis - Coming Soon