CBDV Strains: Which Cannabis Strains Have High CBDV Content?

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The use of medical marijuana in curing certain diseases has always been a subject of debate since then. Considering the medical uses of the plant, studies have been made for it to become legalized in some countries, especially in the United States. Various studies have been made to prove its medicinal benefits since it was discovered in the 1320 CE.

No one knows how long marijuana has been growing on the planet, but there’s evidence that humans have been using marijuana for thousands of years. However, cannabis laws are a big hindrance, especially to scientists in conducting scientific studies of the medicinal use of the plant, but there is progress made in this area.

One of the prevailing compounds in the medical marijuana world are CBD, and THC. Cannabidivarin, another emerging cannabinoid, is slowly entering the scene due to its medical benefits. Stay in touch as we tackle more on CBDV, highlighting more on its strains.

What Is CBDV?

CBDV or Cannabidivarin is a compound found in the cannabis plant and was discovered in the year 1969. This is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that will not cause the euphoric feeling of being “high” meaning to say this compound does not cause psychoactive effects like hallucinations.

CBDV studies have centered on its anticonvulsant, antiepileptic and anti-nausea properties. This indicates that it could reduce seizure, neurological disorders and epilepsy.

CBDV can also be extracted from hemp. As mentioned, the lack of psychoactive effects specifically means children with epilepsy and seizures can also be cured.

CBDV Vs. CBD: What Is The Difference Between CBDV and CBD?

CBDV and CBD are closely related in terms of chemical structure and can therefore have similar effects and benefits. Due to this, CBD and CBDV are somewhat intertwined, for both are common cannabinoids that researchers are making the fuss about.

The cousin of CBDV, CBD is as a non-psychoactive chemical compound found in cannabis plants that also provides therapeutic benefits. Both compounds are found in cannabis plants and are both under clinical study for its medicinal benefits. These two compounds are identified out of the 400 other chemical compounds within the cannabis.

Another between the two is how they treat certain medical conditions. CBD was first discovered, and more heavily-studied than CBDV. CBD is known to treat conditions like nausea and vomiting, Parkinson’s Disease, inflammation, cancer, chronic and neuropathic pain, obsessive compulsive disorder, lupus, depression & anxiety, diabetes, and psychosis.

Meanwhile, studies on CBDV just came out not so long ago and still on its infancy stages. As of clinical studies, CBDV is best known for treating epilepsy and seizures. A pharmaceutical giant is also getting involved in the study of CBDV as a cure for epilepsy. Clinical trials have also been submitted for this study. Studies also extended to possible cures for Rett Syndrome, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and nausea.

Which Cannabis Strains Have High CBDV Content?

If you’re looking for strains with high CBDV content, they can be found on the indica landrace strains from Africa and Asia. Landrace strains specifically mean the cannabis plant developed over time in their natural habitat and was not inter-crossed with other species. These indica landrace strains are also known to withstand dry climates. These stains are also pure and did not undergo any experimentation.

Indicas like Medical Mass and Euphoria may contain relatively high amounts of CBDV. We can say the same for sativas such as Painkiller XL, Royal Medic, and Dance World. The following are the specific cannabis strains that may contain high CBDV content.

Royal CBDV

This is one of the few strains to have a huge concentration of CBDV. These flowers bloom from 8-9 weeks from seed to harvest. This is a breed which contains a high concentration of 5% CBD. These can be grown indoors or outdoors, which will grow at least 70-80 cm.


This strain contains 5% CBDV and 4% CBD, which approximately grows around 60 cm up to 90 cm. If grown outdoors, it can grow up to 150 cm high.


This cannabis strain is not named Euphoria for no reason at all. Upon consuming this strain, you can experience this pleasant feeling of euphoria associated with smoking marijuana. A big part of the reason for its pleasant, endlessly happy effects is its blend of THC and CBD all mixed together.

Painkiller XL

Painkiller XL is known for its near-equal ratio of 9% THC and 9% CBD. THC is the compound given most of the credit for that head high, with CBD taking the lion’s share of credit for marijuana’s many proven medicinal benefits. This strain is achieved by a seed that’s 75% sativa and 25% indica.

Royal Medic

This dominantly sativa cannabis strain contains a high percentage of both THC and CBD, enabling it to provide a clear-headed high. With 10% THC and 12% CBD, this dominantly CBD strain is a favorite among medical marijuana users due to the medical benefits of both THC and CBD has to offer.

Dance World

Dance World is a high-CBD sativa strain with 11% CBD and bred by Royal Queen Seeds in Spain. Users reported a euphoric kind of high, with uplifting effects that motivate productivity and a positive mindset.

Final Notes on CBDV Strains

For now, CBDV is considered as a minor cannabinoid since it is not as well-known compared to its cousin, CBD. However, we can say CBDV is an emerging cannabinoid can be a potential game-changer in the medical marijuana world due to its anticonvulsant effects or the ability to control seizures. Thanks to its similarity with CBD, this nonintoxicating cannabinoid offers other therapeutic effects as well, which is currently being studied by experts.

Since this cannabinoid was discovered only recently, there are only a few strains of cannabis with high CBDV content. Take note, the cannabis strains with high CBDV content can be found on the mostly indica landrace strains from Africa and Asia. There are also sativa-dominant ones with high CBDV, like Painkiller XL, Royal Medic, and Dance World.

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