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CBD Isolate Wholesale - Made From Hemp Plant

Buy CBD Isolate - Made From Hemp Plant

CBD Isolate oil that's tested for quality and made affordable can be hard to come by. 

Our CBD Isolate is made with the best farming practices in the highest quality facility.

The Fresh Bros CBD oil tests out at over 99%+ total cannabinoids and passes a full panel lab analysis free of heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides.

CBD isolate oil made from the hemp plant offers an alternative for many who don't want the associated high that comes from a Full Spectrum distillate or product that includes Delta-9 THC. 

What Is CBD Isolate?

What Is CBD Isolate? What About The Powder And Oil?

Hemp plants contain many different cannabinoids, but currently, one of the most popular ones is CBD ( Cannabidiol ). CBD Isolate is the end product of an extraction process meant to remove all of the other cannabinoids and produce a pure CBD Oil without any THC (not even trace amounts).

This isolated form of CBD is known as "CBD Isolate" or "CBD Oil". However, it can come in more than one form and also exists as a powder known as "CBD Powder".

CBD in its powder form is created after CBD oil crystalizes and is then grinded down into a powder. While a powder is preferred by some consumers, most still prefer to work with the oil over the powder.

CBD Isolate Potency - Hemp Plant (Hemp Extract)

The potency of our CBD isolate oil is updated with every release and can be found with the COA link at the top. Fresh Bros policy it to provide a COA for all of our products, including our CBD Isolate.

Does CBD Isolate Have A Smell Or Taste?

Does CBD Isolate Have A Smell Or Taste?

CBD Isolate oil does not have a smell or taste.

CBD Isolate: How Do I Use It?

CBD Isolate: How Do I Use It?

Since CBD Isolate has no smell or taste, the best way to use it is to infuse other products.

Common products that are infused with CBD isolate include: Tinctures, topicals, edibles (gummies, brownies, cookies, etc...), and bath-bombs.

Pure CBD Isolate Products: Retail Prices

Pure CBD Isolate Products: Retail Prices

CBD Isolate Wholesale Prices start at $1,500/ KG but vary depending on order size. Current retail pricing is as follows:

  • CBD Isolate 10 GR - $37.50
  • CBD Isolate 100 GR - $300.00
  • CBD Isolate 250 GR - $656.25
  • CBD Isolate 500 GR - $1,124.99
  • CBD Isolate 1,000 GR - $1,499.99

Like most things, buying in bulk can sometimes afford a discount.

If you're looking for a large amount of CBD oil and are not used to placing wholesale orders, we still suggest contacting us and speaking with representative to see what discounts are available. Please fill out THIS FORM and one of our respresentatives will be in touch.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Another term that is circulating amongst CBD products is "Full Spectrum Oil" which is just a fancy way of referring to "Full Spectrum CBD Distillate".

The Cannabinoids & THC Free Distillate

While CBD Oil (isolate) is pure CBD, CBD Distillate contains other cannabinoids. The CBD distillate is then further broken down into 2 sub-categories: Broad spectrum CBD and Full Spectrum.

Some consumers prefer CBD Distillates because of the "entourage effect" which suggests that different cannabinoids interact synergistically with each other.

Full Spectrum contains THC whereas Broad Spectrum does not.

Advantages of Getting a Wholesale Account for CBD Products

Advantages of Getting a Wholesale Account for CBD Products / Raw Materials

If you're looking to get bulk CBD isolate powder or oil, then sign up for a wholesale account.

With a wholesale account you'll be able to buy in bulk, receive discounted prices, receive shipping priority, have an assigned representative that can provide you with the latest COAs and batch information, and in specific cases even help out with custom orders.

How Is CBD Isolate Oil Used to Make CBD Products?

How Is CBD Isolate Oil Used to Make CBD Products?

CBD isolate oil is the raw material that's infused in many common products such as:

The reason why so many products are infused with CBD isolate is because CBD isolate contains no THC (not even in trace amounts).

Through CBD isolate, you're able to receive all the benefits of CBD without the side effects of THC or having to go through special regulations that apply to THC.

Additionally, CBD Isolates can be used in common day-to-day activity.

For example, some people might cook with olive oil, carrier oil, or put MCT oil in their coffee, while others prefer the oil we use to make CBD products.

Benefits of Using CBD Products

Research has shown that CBD products tend to have helpful health effects in many areas including:

  1. Resting
  2. Exercising
  3. Improving your mood
  4. Improving your focus
  5. Improving your levels of energy
  6. Relieving stress or anxiety

While the potency of CBD isolate (made from hemp plant matter) tends to be consistent, different products are infused with different quantities resulting in products having different potency levels.

For example, the "potency" of CBD softgels will be different from that of CBD gummies.

CBD Isolate Studies

First, it's important to understand that CBD Isolate is an almost pure form of CBD. Thus when looking for CBD isolate research, we can look for studies that focus on just CBD.

So far, CBD isolate studies have shown several benefits, such as relief from anxiety, inflammation, and pain relief.

Overall, there's a lot of promising research backing the efficacy of CBD.

However, more research is still needed.

Other terms:

  • Carrier oil
  • MCT Oil
  • CBD Isolates
  • Cannabis plant

What Makes CBD Isolate Different From Distillate (THC)?

What Makes CBD Isolate Different From Distillate (THC)?

CBD Isolate oil differs from CBD distillate in that CBD isolate, as the name implies, is just CBD but in an isolated form and without other compounds.

CBD distillate on the other hand comes in 2 different types - you have your normal CBD distillate oil which contains Delta 9 THC and Delta 8 Distillate which contains delta 8 thc.

The main differentiating factor is that distillate oil contain THC where as isolates do not.

The most notable difference between CBD isolate oil and CBD Distillate oil is the lack of THC in CBD Isolate oil / purified hemp oil.

CBD Isolate, Distillate And Other Types Of Wholesale Products

Fresh Bros offers a variety of CBD products and products made with Delta 8 THC, that include Delta 8 Gummies, Delta 8 Vape Pens, Delta 8 Carts, Delta 8 Distillate and Delta 8 Tinctures.

Get Bulk CBD Isolate Products

Fresh Bros offers bulk CBD isolate oil to buyers looking for CBD Isolate wholesale.

If you have a large order that you're interested in placing, please contact us directly to get Bulk CBD Isolate oil pricing and an assigned representative to provide you with any information.