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THCO Acetate Review

THCO Acetate Review

Apr 22nd 2022

THCO Acetate Review

THC is a potent substance, particularly in concentrated forms. A molecule of THCO is 300% more powerful than a regular THC. Acetate, unlike any other cannabinoid, is said to induce a psychedelic state in cannabis users.

Cannabis users are intimately acquainted with Tetrahydrocannabinol, abbreviated as THC. Whenever this cannabinoid molecule binds to CB1 activity of the central nervous system, it produces the herbal high. It causes a range of impacts, varying from ecstasy and hunger to drowsiness and tranquillity.

What is THCO acetate?

Among cannabis users, THCO has gotten itself an alias-psychedelic of cannabinoids. THC-O acetate is the acetate ester of THC and therefore can be produced by combining THC and THCA.

Because this process requires extremely corrosive and aggressive chemicals such as sulfuric acid and acetic anhydride, attempting to generate this chemical compound at home is insane and possibly fatal. It's best left to competent chemists with Walter White's experience.

Once synthesized, acetate is biologically inactive. It positions the molecule in the category of a prodrug, a substance that is only activated when the body's metabolic processes break it down. A famous prodrug example is psilocybin, which is metabolically converted to psilocin.

The cannabinoid has emerged in other Western countries, including the UK and New Zealand. In the UK, acetate was considered a Class A drug alongside heroin and crack, reportedly after the conviction of a producer who used the book Cannabis Alchemy as a guide to this highly chemical process.

History of THCO acetate

Between 1948 and 1975, there was a little research on THC-O-Acetate. They were carried out by the US military. They tested the drug on dogs in order to determine its suitability as a weapon. They investigated the cannabinoid's potential as a non-lethal immobilising agent. The research was finally stopped, but study has shown that THC-O-Acetate severely injured dogs twice as much as THC.

The only time the DEA came into contact with this cannabinoid was in 1978. It was produced in the same manner as morphine-based heroin by a man in Jacksonville, Florida. However, because it was an isolated incident, the idea of attempting to make it a prohibited drug was dismissed.

THC analogs were not declared illegal in the United States until 1986. THC-O-Acetate had previously been lawful. However it is not theoretically a THC analog, penalties for its production and sale may still apply under this law. This is a concern that has yet to be addressed. Until recently, little thought or effort had been devoted to the capacity of THC-O-Acetate.

What products is THCO acetate made with it?

THC-O distillate products are hemp products made from hemp oil made up of THC-O. These products are known to cause highs when combined with THC-O distillate.

THC-O Distillate

This is the same as THC-O acetate. It is so powerful that most use it in microdoses. If you are interested in increasing your tolerance level, studies show that continuous use of Distillate can raise your tolerance to cannabinoids so high if used daily. Most of the time, you may not get the same effects when we use grass or classic resins.

THC-O distillate has the potential to contain more than 99 percent cannabinoids while emitting almost no odor. THC-O distillation necessitates the use of specialized equipment. Furthermore, this procedure is best carried out in a laboratory, where all stages can be monitored.

Because the expense of such a complex process is high, it is left to experts. Several extractions and purifications of the product are performed during processing so that the finished product is sufficiently filtered and contains a high concentration of THC.

Because of the high concentration of THC, it can be used to achieve the same effect as the hemp would. You should be aware that 3g and 10g jars of hemp-derived THC-O acetate and 100g jars of compliant, hemp-derived THC-O distillate.

Benefits of THC acetate

There are several benefits attached to using THCO. According to experience from most cannabis users and vapers, the following benefits were observed.

Whole Body and Mental Experience

Most cannabis users aim and bask in one particular experience, the bliss and the mental experience that comes with being high. THCO is said to supply THC in large quantities more than the regular strain. It is said to be about 300% more than the standard quantity.


Most vapers pointed out that inhaling THCO is like inhaling nothing at first, but after it settles in, the highness and cannabinoid feeling sets in a relaxing manner.

Strong Buzz

It is said to have 200-300% stronger psychoactive effects than regular cannabis strains. It is a significant contributor to the extra buzz that comes after using it.


Most Vapers shared in their experience that THCO provides a mood uplifting that helps keep them in a happy zone far from most of their worries. It also increases that focus along with the mood upliftment.


Along with the mood upliftment, other vapers also pointed out that most times after use, they have a relaxed and calming feeling. They experience this after the use of THCO.

How do you use THCO acetate?

Here are several ways they can be consumed, smoked, or vaporized.


Even though THCO has been in existence for a long time, scientists are still trying to understand its metabolic process. So far, its current research has it on the record that it can only survive when exposed to a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Anything above will cause a catalytic reaction, leading to being engulfed in flames. Precisely, it is the acetyl that burns off. Some other research results suggest that there is a tendency for this derivative to revert to its parental form in the liver. All of these are still hypotheses without ample research to back them up.

Vaping can be used to maintain a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Vapes are known for their trapping prowess, which is best for THCO because it rapidly combusts in nature. The best and recommended method of use is vaping.


It is laced under the tongue, the distillate is absorbed directly into the blood, taking effect in a few minutes.

Administer the THC-O Distillate with the tincture that comes with it in little droplets because of the high THC quantity. Follow the dosing by the manufacturer strictly to avoid overdosing.

You should hold the droplet under your tongue for up to a minute to get the most out of it. By then, it would have dissolved into your bloodstream almost completely. The highness should set in between 15-and 20 minutes after use.


Add a small amount of spirit to complement a dish, or use it as part of a recipe. If you choose a distillate that does not contain terpenes and flavonoids, it will not dominate the flavor of the food like cakes.

One big difference to keep in mind is that the effects of marijuana through cigarettes are fast, but not long-lasting, allowing you to control the dosage with each puff. On the other hand, when you eat marijuana, the effects of cannabis usually take 1-2 hours to appear, remaining in the body for up to 8 hours.

It can make it difficult to know if what you have consumed will be enough to obtain the desired effects, leading to the mistake of consuming more and causing intoxication.

So if you are a beginner, just take one bite and wait 1 hour for the effects to kick in before taking another bite and gradually increase the dose until you reach the desired effects. On the other hand, if you have tried it before, you can start with a larger piece of marijuana cake, but cautiously wait for the same time to eat more.

Complementing the standard method

Roll a joint and dip the tip into the distillate, similar to waxing with cannabis concentrates. An example is complementing purple punches with THC-O Distillate.

Dab Rig

Add a small amount to the nail of the dab rig and proceed as normal. Doing this, you should get ready for a very powerful high.

How to evaluate THCO acetate for quality

THCO is THC acetate or acetate. It is a synthetic chemical that is more potent than delta 9 THC. That, even so, has not been made official. THC acetate products are available for purchase, so use with extreme care.

In the United States, there is no authenticated lab with competent standard values or even a technique to test it. Toxic chemicals may be left over from the compound's synthesis. This product necessitates additional research and study.

Side effects of THCO acetate

Some of the side effects reported by THCO users are listed below. Among them are the following:

Intense High

If you are interested in maintaining an amount of control of your activity, then THCO might not be a good choice because of its high THC content.

Dry Mouth

The after effect pointed out by most vapers is dry mouth. It is an excellent choice to keep cup water close to you when vaping to drown the dry sensation after use.


Most users complain of headaches, especially if they dose heavily on THCO. As expected, too much of everything is harmful to the body. You should ensure a moderate use of THCO.

Psychedelic Experience

Vapers also shared their psychedelic experience with THCO. Some users said they experienced psychedelic episodes like mild hallucinations, visual flashes, etc.

User experience/comments on THCO acetate

Discussed below is the first-hand experience of THCO users. They are as follows:

Kevin N.

THC0 is an excellent edible. It is a more reliable edible than delta9. It seems to be very resistant to stomach acid, which helps get consistent results. The graduated syringe container is EZ for accurate dosing. The THCO acetate does not need decarboxylating before eating, which is very convenient. It is also relatively inexpensive.

Lee H.

It smokes very smoothly. I noticed that it has no burn; hence, the absence of smoke causes a cough. Its unflavored taste is okay. It causes an excellent dreamy high feeling. I have a very high tolerance, yet THCO gave me a good solid buzz.

Eric P.

I noticed it has a great consistency. As long as you don't overindulge, it gives a great feeling. It also leaves you high for hours.


I'm very wowed by this product. I use it daily at night for sleep and get benefits every night. Tolerance doesn't seem to be building much either. It is a very effective product for my lifestyle.

Federal legality

It is defined as hemp in the 2018 Farm Bill, and every aspect of it is lawful. It includes all of the features that have a highest THC content of 0.3 percent. So, theoretically, it is not criminal because it complies with the 2018 Farm Bill rule.

Moreover, it is a derivative of hemp that contains less than the legally allowable limit. Although some states like Florida have the law backing this derivative, some other states have been pushing laws that are supposed to be in line with the 1986 Federal Analogue Act(FAA). This law treats THCO as a Schedule I drug which is susceptible to ban.

However, according to the file released by DEA in 2020 as its Interim Final Rule(IFR), THCO is legal, but a clause is attached. It is legal as long as they do not have more than 0.3% of the allowable D9.

But all synthetically made THC is classified as controlled substances. Hence, THCO can be illegal in a sense. There is still a discrepancy with its legality even at the Federal level.


Some people frequently asked questions have been answered below:

Is THCO more potent than THC?

THCO contains over two times and sometimes three times the percentage of THC. This fact makes it more potent and more robust than regular THC.

How long is it going for THCO to take effect after usage?

The time between taking THCO and the time of metabolism is 30 minutes. It is due to the fact that it must be digested before it can be impactful..

Is THCO psychoactive?

Its psychoactive effect depends on the dosage. Some users claim it produces a psychedelic high that is both overwhelmed with emotion and hypnotic.

Final thoughts

THCO has a lot of benefits according to the experience shared by users. It can provide relaxation, stress relief, happiness, restfulness, and many benefits after use.

Ensure you look up the cannabis law in your state to avoid breaking the law by possessing this cannabinoid derivative.

Since there is a particular test method, be sure you patronize a trusted source when purchasing it.