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HHC Distillate Review

HHC Distillate Review

Apr 22nd 2022

HHC Distillate Review

Many products are made with different principal cannabinoids, and for different effects. One of the new cannabinoids that offer similar effects as THC, and is legal, is the HHC; it is used to make HHC Distillate products. Although HHC is similar to THC, it's different mainly due to its bonding and the presence of hydrogen atoms through hydrogenation.

HHC Distillate is a product of THC extraction, hydrogenation, and distillation. It is specifically made from Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 THC, or CBD, and different HHC Distillate producers use different methods to produce them. However, the most common one involves the use of white metal catalysts.

This article will expose you to what HHC really is, how HHC Distillate is made, the HHC Distillate products you can have, and its Federal Legality, among other things.

What is HHC Distillate?

Remember what the molecular structure of THC looks like? Now, remove the double bonds in the THC molecular structure and add hydrogen atoms. That's what HHC molecular structure looks like, and without it, you can't have HHC distillate.

Generally, HHC distillate is hydrogenated THC - delta 8 or 9, or CBD, that is made with a catalyst. Although HHC occurs naturally in the cannabis plant, it's not as much as THC or CBD. However, it can be produced commercially and synthetically by hydrogenating CBD or either variations of THC.

It is a psychoactive cannabinoid whose potency is still not passed to be more than THC's, but it differs from CBD, even if it can be made from it, as it causes euphoria while CBD tries to negate the high that comes with consuming cannabis.

HHC distillate is the form in which HHC is available for consumption, and it can be accessed through vapes and edibles from different manufacturers.

HHC Distillate Products You can Enjoy

There are different HHC distillate products cropping up from different manufacturers. However, because it's relatively new, there aren't many options to choose from. From Fresh Bros, here are some HHC distillate products you can enjoy.

HHC Distillate Syringes and Bottles

Made from CBD, the HHC distillate from Fresh Bros is pure oil that you can introduce into your body with a 3g or 10g syringe. You can also purchase the 100g bottle for more quantity.

With this new product, you get to experience a mild cerebral high and euphoria, which is essential in treating anxiety and depression. You can also experience improved sleep quality, and alleviate nausea and vomiting.

Despite being a new product, the HHC Distillate from Fresh Bros is tested by a third party lab and certified to contain no residue, including metals used as catalyst and other psychoactive cannabinoids. The hemp plants, from which the THC used for HHC are harvested, are organically grown, and the product is vegan friendly.

Benefits of HHC Distillate

As it is known about organics, they have numerous health benefits, and extracts from the hemp plant, cannabinoids, are not exempted. As the benefits of THC and CBD have been covered in previous publications, here are some of the benefits of HHC distillate.

Improves Mental Health

Mental health influences how effective an individual is in their daily activities. It also impacts other aspects of health, hence, the need to prioritize it.

HHC distillate is relatively new and its effects on the human body is still under research. However, it is known to act in a similar manner as THC. It causes its users to experience euphoria, helping to deal with depression, by increasing the dopamine levels produced by the brain.

HHC distillates affect the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, improving moods and cerebral activity.

Improves Sleep Quality

Mental health and sleep quality and frequency is linked. Poor sleep quality is evident in symptoms such as insomnia, and other sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. The level of serotonin in the body affects how an individual sleeps, and its level is affected by the absence of dopamine. More dopamine means less serotonin. Also, cortisol is another hormone that affects sleep quality.

HHC distillate's impact on the brain to increase dopamine reduces with time, and gives way to the production of serotonin. HHC is known to induce relaxation, hence, making its users dizzy and sleepy after use. Also, since HHC is made from CBD also, and CBD is known to improve sleep, therefore, HHC may also help sleep due to its association with CBD.

Treats Pain and Inflammation

Older people, and people suffering from pain such as joint pain and other inflammation in the body can experience relief from such conditions after using HHC distillate. Its effectiveness in managing pain has seen some pain patients ditch their regular pain meds for HHC distillate products.

HHC's influence on the brain includes interference with the GABA receptors that transmit the sensation of pain. They cause a pain sufferer to experience less pain by reducing the amount of messages the GABA receptors transit to the forebrain.

Improves Creativity

THC's influence on the brain to cause euphoria has also been known to improve creativity in some strains of the cannabis plant. Since HHC is obtained by hydrogenating THC, the same influence on its user may remain, although more research is needed to prove this.

Artistes, songwriters, singers, and all creatives can benefit from using the HHC distillate products from Fresh Bros.

Ways to Use HHC Distillate Products

HHC distillate is available in different formats and devices for application. HHC distillates are oils that can be used in devices such as vapes, and they can also be used as tinctures.

Ways to use HHC distillate products include


HHC distillate products that can be taken through the mouth include those made into gummies. You can also add HHC oil into foods and ingest them.

This mode of using HHC makes it bioavailable and easily absorbed by the body. Some HHC distillates are also available as soft gels that you can use as you'll tablets. They exert their effect on your body as they'll when used as oil.


As HHC distillate is available as oil, it can be added to creams and other oils, to improve the skin and heal certain skin conditions. As THC and CBD is used to make creams and soaps, HHC distillate can also be used to produce the same products.

HHC oil will be part of the ingredients used to make bath bombs, lotions, and other cosmetic products. However, they may exert as much effect as they will when used orally.

Through your lungs

Inhaling cannabinoids is the most effective and fastest way to get the organic chemicals into your body, and get them to act as soon as possible. HHC oil can be added to vapes and vaporised. A large percentage of the cannabinoid gets into the smoker's lungs and exerts its mild psychoactive effect on the brain as fast as possible.

While this may not be the safest way to get the benefits of using HHC distillate, it is the fastest way to get the effects, especially for patients who need it to treat medical conditions such as pain.

How to Evaluate for HHC Distillate Products Quality?

Quality assurance among cannabis products has seen some improvement, especially since the federal government of the United States has approved the legality of cannabis and its products and derivatives. However, it is still important to ascertain the safety of the cannabis products you use.

While many cannabis products, including HHC distillate, manufacturers claim to produce high quality cannabis products, you can ascertain the quality of their products by gaining access to their third party lab test result or their CGMP certificate.

Third party lab test result

According to regulation, every manufacturer of drugs and foods should subject their product to a third party test, to ascertain that the content they claim to have are true. HHC distillate manufacturers should have a lab test result that shows the individual chemical constituent and their composition. This result tells you if the HHC distillate has impurities.

Ideally, a quality HHC distiller should be free of other cannabinoids, especially THC and CBD. Because the process of creating HHC is complex, there may be some residues, especially of catalysts, on some HHC distillates, which shouldn't be there, and necessitates your access to the product's lab test result.

CGMP Certification

This certification ensures that pharmaceuticals produce medications and drugs that agree with the FDA's production regulations. Current Good Manufacturing Practices regulations ensure the purity, quality, and strength of drugs agree with the law.

A HHC distillate manufacturer without a CGMP certification probably produces one that doesn't meet the required standard in terms of purity and quality raw materials.

Common Side Effects of HHC Distillate

HHC distillate, like other cannabis derivatives have side effects, and they vary in intensity among individual users. Some of the common side effects of using HHC include:


It is usually considered normal when a cannabis user experiences dizziness. It is usually as a result of the psychoactivity of the cannabinoids. HHC, being similar to THC in many aspects, also causes psychoactivity and can cause dizziness in some of its users, especially new users.

To curb dizziness, users of HHC may remain in a resting position, such as sitting, while they use HHC and feel its effect come on. It is not advisable to use HHC when operating machinery, or when involved in any activities.


This side effect is common among smokers and vapers of HHC and other cannabinoids. The vapor from the HHC oil may vary from one vape to another, and the intensity may differ. The vapor may attack the lungs in a rush, causing the user to cough for some time.

It is also possible that the HHC oil is harsher than the THC variant a user is accustomed to. The harshness may cause the user to develop a cough.

Dry Mouth and Eyes

As it is common among smokers, generally, dry mouth and eyes is as a result of dehydration, and they can be easily treated. Some chemical constituents of cannabis plants may cause some moisture loss during smoking. However, rehydration will easily restore normalcy to the eyes and mouth.


The feeling of euphoria that comes with using HHC can sometimes lead to disorientation when users take more HHC than they can handle. Because every individual's brain is different, the extent to which they feel the euphoria differs; while it's mild in some people, it can be intense in others.

Except when users have a prescription, they don't usually have a decided quantity of HHC they use per time.

HHC Distillate Federal Legality

HHC is a derivative of the hemp plant, and according to the Farm Bill Language of 2018, which classifies hemp as part of a cannabis plant that contains 0.3% THC.

Since HHC is one of the constituents of the cannabis plant - it occurs naturally, the law that above 0.3% of THC in cannabis derivatives is illegal doesn't apply to it.

However, the laws of different states of the United States may render the use of HHC distillate illegal.

Frequently Asked Questions on HHC Distillate

Does HHC Get You High?

HHC is similar to THC but differs only in molecular structure. It gets its users high because it is psychoactive; however, users will experience some sense of relaxation with the feeling of euphoria. For more relatable information on the highness HHC gives, it causes euphoria that is similar to what some Delta 8 users experience.

Does HHC Show Up in Drug Tests?

HHC is similar to THC, hence, it shows in drug tests as THC. Although there's little research to back this up, it is better to err on the side of caution than risk your career and job on a possibility. Fresh Bros advise that you avoid HHC some days before your drug examination.

Final Thoughts

HHC is a naturally-occuring cannabinoid that can also be produced in a lab. It involves the hydrogenation of THC or CBD. It causes a high that comes with a sense of relaxation. Fresh Bros has pure HHC distillate products that will help you gain some of its benefits.