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CBDV Oil: An Emerging Cannabinoid with Therapeutic Potential

CBDV Oil: An Emerging Cannabinoid with Therapeutic Potential

Posted by FreshBros Team on Oct 5th 2021

CBDV Oil: Everything You Need to Know

The cannabis oil market is growing, and it is projected to reach $5.3 billion by 2025. Today, CBD oils are primarily used in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and other industries. With its growing market, minor cannabinoids are getting more attention lately. Get to know CBDV oil, the cousin of CBD with potential therapeutic benefits, perfect for cannabis enthusiasts seeking its medical effects.

What is CBDV?

CBDV is short for Cannabidivarin, one of the many cannabinoids found in hemp or cannabis plants. It is a homolog of CBDV, which means they are related in terms of chemical structure. While it’s not that famous when compared to its cousin CBD, CBDV was actually discovered in 1969 by Vollner and his team.

Where Does CBDV Come from?

CBDV is particularly found in landrace indica strains of cannabis plants. These strains have not been crossbred with other related plant species. Unfortunately, landrace strains are becoming rarer as they are difficult to find and grow.

Most cannabis strains we can find today have been interbred to generate specific strains according to our needs: several strains are high in CBD content, others can be drought-resistant, and some are even disease-resistant.

Due to this, only a few landrace strains that have not been crossbred yet to improve their potential. One of the most common landrace Indica strains are currently found in South America, most specifically Mexico, and in South Asia which is in India and Pakistan.

CBDV Vs. CBD: What’s the Difference?

CBD and CBDV are closely related in terms of chemical structure, but there are differences between them. There is a slight difference at the propyl chain that CBDV carries. CBDV can be used to develop THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) when it's exposed to an acidic environment, and CBD doesn't have this same ability to transform into THC.

The molecular structure of CBDV allows the cannabinoid to work in the body differently than CBD and other pentyl cannabinoids. CBDV produce stronger yet shorter effects on the human body due to the fewer carbon molecules compared to other cannabinoids.

What is CBDV Oil?

CBDV oil is one of the cannabis oil products available in the market today due to its therapeutic effects that attract cannabis connoisseurs. CBDV oil products are typical hemp-derived tinctures, infused with isolated or full-spectrum extract.

While the cannabis oil market is heavily penetrated with CBD, you can find oils with an equal ratio of CBD to CBDV these days. However, products tend to be more expensive than standard CBD products, but the higher CBDV concentration certainly pays value for your money, especially if you're trying to ease symptoms or remedy a certain health condition.

Will CBDV Oil Make Me High?

Just like CBD, CBDV is not psychoactive, which means it doesn’t provide the feeling of getting “high.” Rather, these “high-inducing” effects are most felt in Indica strains and strains that contain less tetrahydrocannabinol.

What are the Benefits of CBDV Oil?

While CBDV is considered one of the less famous cannabinoids, its therapeutic benefits are definitely something to watch out for. CBDV is specifically known for its anticonvulsant properties, or the ability to reduce seizure activities.

Some research has shown some evidence of CBDV having the ability to improve bone health and decrease the feeling of nausea. CBDV has also demonstrated neurochemical properties that could help brain function. However, more research would have to be performed to provide sufficient evidence to understand the exact responses and benefits CBDV has to offer.

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How to Use CBDV Oil in 3 Easy Ways

CBDV oil can be very flexible and can be added to certain products. While the general qualities of CBV remain the same, there can be slight variance in the effects in different products. Although there other ways of consuming CBDV, these three ways are the most common.

Under the tongue

The primary method of consuming any tincture oil product is through sublingual absorption or under the tongue because of its faster speed effects. The sublingual glands, located underneath the tongue, brush up the CBDV compounds into the bloodstream, where they start acting within minutes. Smoking or vaping (direct inhalation) is the only way to get the benefits a lot faster.

As a drink additive

If you’re a fan of adding supplements to your drinks, this is a good option for you. Adding CBDV oil to your water, tea or coffee, is a discreet approach and provides sustained relief. CBDV can actually longer when taken orally, although the effects are not as fast as from sublingual absorption. A dash of cream, which contains MCT (Medium chain triglycerides fatty acids), can help make CBDV more bioavailable, and more effective. MCTs are generally made by processing coconut and palm kernel oils in the laboratory.

Topical applications

Topical applications or directly rubbing CBDV oil into the skin can have an anti-inflammatory effects. However, CBDV applied on the skin is not transported evenly around the body, so don't expect any mental effects. This is perfect for aches and pains in a specific part of the body. For more economical use, you can mix the CBDV oil with another cream.

Is CBDV Oil right for me?

CBDV oil is one of the emerging cannabis products we should all watch out for. Its anticonvulsant properties can definitely attract people with seizures or epilepsy. Aside from this, there are also certain therapeutic benefits mentioned that would make any cannabis enthusiast in awe.

However, CBDV is not that well-researched and documented compared to its cousin CBD. Before taking any cannabis supplement like CBDV oil, it is best to consult your doctor first, most especially if you have existing medical conditions, currently pregnant or under 21 years old.